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Got Visa In Unexpected Way!

Submitted by: Honey


I’m a medical student living in China.


Hello everyone! Magic Dust to you all!

First of all I would like to thank Rhonda mam for sharing The Secret with the world. The Secret has changed me and now I am a complete believer of the LOA. Here is my story, sorry for keeping it long.

My boyfriend lives in Stockholm, Sweden. He has been planning to visit China. The visa process to China is really difficult from Sweden being he is an an Indian passport holder. He even contacted visa agents but nothing worked. He had applied for a Chinese visa in September. He got the invitation letter from a Chinese company and he submitted all the documents to the Chinese embassy and he got the passport collection date on October 10th.

He went to the embassy on October 10th to collect the passport but the officer told him to submit a business license copy and then he could get the visa. He asked the company manager to send the document but the company did not send the document and they were delaying.

Fortunately I met a guy on social media who works in China. I know the Universe had sent this guy to me. We just spoke randomly for few days and later on I discussed our situation about this visa issue with him. He immediately told me that he can give us the invitation letter and business license too!

I received the business license and invitation letter from the guy on October 23rd. We thought it was highly possible that the embassy would not consider the latest documents and that we might need to apply again as we were sending the latest documents after 15 days. That is quite a long time period and would be too late but somehow I pushed my boyfriend to mail the latest documents. He emailed all the latest documents and finally he received an email from the embassy on 25th in the evening. It said that he should attend an interview on the 26th in the morning. I was nervous but deep inside I knew he would get the visa. I thanked the Universe every day for granting my wish and even visualised that my boyfriend was sending me a message that said “Baby, my visa has been approved!“. I wrote down my gratitude to the Universe and the embassy officers and each and every person and source involved in this process. I even asked the Universe to show signs like birds and immediately I saw birds on my Instagram wall.

Then on October 26th he attended the interview. I was so pretty tense but I kept myself busy with other works.  After few minutes I received a message from my boyfriend and guess what it said?!  “Baby my visa has been approved!“! I received the exact same text from my boyfriend that I had been visualising! My heart jumped for joy! He even told me that the interviewer was so kind.

And guys, guess what else?!  I am a medical student currently studying and living in China. Since I live in China my boyfriend is planning to visit me of course! I am so very happy and excited to meet him!  I am going to celebrate his birthday here in China. This is our very first meeting as we have never seen each other in person!

Thank you to everyone who have posted their Secret Stories on this website and kept me going! A special thanks to the Universe and embassy officers and the interviewer. A very special thank you to they guy who helped us out! Soon I will post my other story too. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all!!!

The Secret has shown me that all things are possible when you believe and no matter what set back you have had in your life, you must carry on and continue to believe that you are meant to have that great life you have imagined in your mind. Have 100% faith and 0% fear. Believe and trust the Universe as if it will definitely happen and visualise the things you want to manifest. Life is awesome! Thank you again!!! Magic Dust to you all!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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