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University Money.

Submitted by: AJ

Reading, UK

Aspiring student, author and songwriter.


This isn’t one of those huge, ‘life turned around in one week’ stories that I love reading on here but I feel like I am in the middle of one and wanted to share my progress so far!

So, I have always worried about money. My parents are fairly frugal and instilled into me at an early age the importance of saving and careful spending. I have always tried to save my money but so many times I find that the more I try to withhold from spending, the less I have saved. Now I understand that is because I was constantly putting out thoughts into the Universe that I didn’t have enough money, that I needed more. So of course, I never had enough and I always needed more!

I recently made a huge life change and moved to France for 6 months. A lot of things in my life had seemed to collapse in the space of a few months and I felt trapped and depressed at home. Moving seemed like a great idea to clear my head but at the start it seemed like I had made a terrible mistake. It was scary and I was alone and the 6 months seemed to stretch out in front of me, an endless road that I couldn’t walk.

I had been given The Magic for Christmas and packed it in my suitcase. Two weeks passed and things got worse. An unresolved situation from back home resurfaced and I got so depressed it got to the point where I was scared for my own safety. I felt that reckless and careless. I saw The Magic in my pile of books and decided to start reading. By the end of the introduction, I already felt so much calmer, which is what I had needed since my emotions had been up in the air.

I had some free time, so decided to start the 28 days of practice. One of the things I needed, that I wrote down in my original list, was money for university. I want to go and study in London but I knew that living there was incredibly expensive and my parents can’t give me much money towards it, if any at all. I had been working hard for the past year or so, but still I had only managed to save up £1900. I had calculated that I would need at least £3000 in my bank account on top of the student loans I would get, in order to afford living there. But I wouldn’t be making much money at all in France and I didn’t see how I could make up the rest of the money.

Nevertheless, I continued with the practice and felt grateful for everything that I had. I believed strongly that I would have £3000 in my bank account by the time I started university in September.

Literally 5 days after I started the daily gratitude practices, I received my last paycheck from the job I’d left the month before. I’d known it was coming, but since I’d always worried about money, I’d been scrupulous about keeping check of my hours and how much I should be paid. I was so sure that this last paycheck, since I’d left mid-month as well, would be no more than £200 to 300. But it was a lot more! More than I’d ever gotten in one paycheck before! I knew I needed to leave some money in my current account in order to pay for some bills that came out monthly, but even after leaving exactly the amount I needed, once I’d moved the rest into my savings account, I had exactly £3000!! I hadn’t even been counting while I moved my money around but once it was done, I checked it over and saw the figures there. I knew it was the power of gratitude, and the first miracle happened in five short days! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Since then several other little miracles have occurred, including me finding wonderful friends here, when before I worried that I would be alone, and I had a certain friend contacting me just when I’d needed them to.

I am well into the gratitude practices now, and make sure to do them every night. I can’t wait to see all of my dreams come true!

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