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  • Date Posted: Jun 19, 2017
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Got My Face Back!



I am a beautiful lady with big faith.

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Got My Face Back!

First I will begin with saying thank you to The Secret team and all those wonderful people who have shared their inspiring stories.

I once had a beautiful face with flawless skin. I had many admirers and I would basically say my face was my self esteem. But sometime last year, small pimples popped out little by little and my face developed ugly scars and spots. I bought all sorts of cosmetics to make it better but they made it worse. I spent a lot of money but nothing helped. I lost my self esteem and I got stressed out.

I had read about The Secret but I did not put it in my mind. So one day I was sitting idle and I saw the book on my bed, my mum had been reading it. I read it again and again till I fully understood the principles of the book and I visited this site just to get inspired. That was when I finally believed my face would become flawless like before. And guess what? I got nothing less! I am so excited and happy. The Secret gave me my life back again and a new why to look at it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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