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  • Submitted by: Sheila M.
  • Date Posted: Jun 19, 2017
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My List Of 10.

Sheila M.

St. Clair Shores, MI

Working single mom.

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My List Of 10.

I have owned the book “The Secret” and the DVD for over 5 years. It never ceases to amaze me using the practices I’ve learned! When “The Magic” came out, I scooped it up the day it became available at the bookstore. The very first day I read it through and began the daily practices immediately. It is so true, you feel happier and can feel yourself smiling all the time!

I made my list of 10 things I desired, reading it several times a day and feeling the gratitude for receiving each item on my list. One item on my list was a new red car. My car had over 175,000 miles, needed tires, brakes, transmission work and the check engine light was always on. I work 2 jobs and was trying to figure a way to make payments. I started visiting dealers with a specific model in mind. The first dealer visit was disastrous to say the least. I left thinking I just might have to drive my car till it quit. Every day I felt gratitude for the car I was driving because it still worked and I also started my mornings saying “Thank you for the great news I will receive today”.

A week later I was looking at dealers again and something in my mind kept telling me to check the inventory at the dealer near my place of employment. They had some good deals and one was on a red car! So I went over after work just to look. As I got out of my car I saw a red model like I wanted with a sale sticker. Looking closer, it required a lower down payment than I was prepared for and the payments were exactly where I wanted mine to be. I found a salesman and we took it for a ride. Turns out, it was a model above what I was looking for! A week later I signed the papers and I am now driving my red car.

I knew gratitude would work and it did within 2 weeks after I started The Magic Daily Practices! Looks like I need to cross off an item on my list and add a new one!

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