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  • Submitted by: Janey
  • Date Posted: Jun 14, 2017
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Getting Exactly What You Ask For.


South Africa

A twenty something aiming at early retirement with the riches received because I just believed. :)

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Getting Exactly What You Ask For.

I normally read The Secret stories on this site when I want more inspiration to keep my faith that what I’ve asked for is on it’s way. I have been wanting to submit my story but never got around to it, so today I decided to just do it. I know The Secret works and it has manifested in my life in so many ways for various things. I am so thankful for the friend that introduced it into my life so many years ago.

Recently we have been getting a bit frustrated with not having enough money to do everything we need. I told my fiancé that the only way we were going to get more money was to use The Secret. Last year when I wanted some extra money, I watched The Secret to Money visualization video every day, twice a day. I also created a dream book and went through that every morning. After about a month, I got a really big deal and my commission earned was over R 17k, which was almost double my basic salary! So now my target is R 30k. For some reason that figure just sticks out for me. It’s enough to wipe out all my debt and go on a shopping spree! This week I received a bank statement with no name on it, delivered to my home address from the bank I use, with a balance of over 60k! I have stuck it on my fridge to remind me what my bank balance really looks like!

Good Looks.
Recently I haven’t been feeling very pretty so I said to myself that I am beautiful but I just need to start feeling and believing it. This morning I was going through my closet and found a skirt that I hadn’t used in ages but used to love so I decided to use it for work. All day I’ve been getting compliments about how I look which has really boosted my self-esteem.

Two years ago I went through a phase of feeling like I wasn’t smart enough and all I wanted was to feel smart again. Now I am in a company where so many people come to me for my expertise and opinion, even the MD and GM!

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