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  • Date Posted: Jun 13, 2017
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How I Became The School Topper.



I am 19 and currently pursuing a degree in fashion technology. According to me, the following quote describes my temperament perfectly: "It's both a blessing and a curse to feel things so intensely.".

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How I Became The School Topper.

It was a do or die situation. I left my boarding school in the city and came back to my town so that I could focus better on my studies against my parent’s wish. It turned out to be something very challenging, something I had never even imagined! It was at that time when I realized how badly could I get affected with other people’s opinions and behavior . Where ever I went, I would be imposed with the same fear,”You’ve made a big mistake, what will you do in such a small place, you were better off there instead!”

So well, my career was destroyed. According to them. I tried hard to study but yes, their opinions were right to some extent. I was just trying to run away from that fact. I panicked and panicked as the days grew. I didn’t have anyone whom I could approach regarding the problem. I wasn’t able to understand anything at school, the faculty not being that good.

I saw a pamphlet from my school that day with the pictures of the school toppers smiling proudly. That day was the turning point. I used my knowledge of The Secret at the right place and time. I took that pamphlet and pasted my picture on the very first place. I believed I could do it, although I did have many points when I doubted myself. I had one more year in front of me. I studied like a normal student does, just in the class and prepared nicely for the tests. Whenever I felt things were not going right, I took out that pamphlet and imagined myself there.

That’s all I did, my friends. I was the school topper, breaking the previous records. I set an example. It was simply a magical moment for me. I made my parents proud and broke the traditional belief of “You can’t do good in small towns.”. And of course, there was an actual picture of me in the newspaper!

Magic exists!

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