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  • Date Posted: Jun 13, 2017
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Overcame Suicidal Tendencies.



25 years old and working in an IT firm.

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Overcame Suicidal Tendencies.

I was depressed, heartbroken, frustrated and had extreme family pressure to get married. All of those things gave rise to thoughts of suicide in my mind.I had read The Secret 4 years before. I had applied it back then and all those desires from back then came true. But I changed and forgotten it and focused on too much negativity in my life.

So again The Secret came to the rescue. One fine day I went for prayer and cried my heart in front of God to change my life. That very same day I found The Secret in the pile of books in my room. After reading it again and applying it the situation is so much better!! I have promised myself to write more about it, because a few of my wishes are still on the way!  I can not wait to write again about my fulfilled dreams.

Thank you!

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