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  • Submitted by: Purvi
  • Date Posted: Jun 4, 2017
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Attracting Unbelievable Amount!



Software Engineer. Making positive changes in life through gratitude.

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Attracting Unbelievable Amount!

I always dreamed of writing my own story here. I have always manifested small things but this time this one is huge! It is also a great example of how the Universe can help you achieve the impossible. The only catch here is that you can never think of your dream as impossible. So here goes the story.

Two years ago I was doing a very monotonous job which earned me only 20k per month. Also there was never any appreciation nor had I gotten a raise in 2 years. I was frustrated and gave about 10 interviews before “The Magic” came into my life. The day I understood The Secret correctly, I bagged a job with a small startup. Although the pay was not so good, I was happy as I was learning a lot of new things. But it still seemed like it was not enough.

So I wrote out a check from The Secret web site. I was asking for 10 Lakh Rupees from the Universe and that what I put on the check.. In less than 10 months from my joining, the company got acquired by a multinational company and all the employees got 5 Lakhs per year as company shares. Remember I asked to get 10 Lakhs and not 5.

After spending almost 7 to 8 months in this new company, a bigger IT giant acquired my new company and we got the 5 L worth of shares again! I believe this has been the biggest and most powerful thing I have manifested till now.

I would like to thank the Universe for making this dream come true!

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