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Submitted by: Gilda

Weston, Florida

Mother of 3 beautiful duaghters, and a grateful daughter of The Universe!!!!


On June 2007, I read a small article in Time Magazine about Rhonda Byrne entitled “Secrets of the Woman who wrote “The Secret”. I don’t know why, but I felt compelled to go on the internet and I Googled “Rhonda Byrne”. You know how it is on the internet: one thing leads to another and next thing I know, I’m on the web site of “The Secret”. I saw the movie trailers, was intrigued, and immediately paid the $4.95 to watch the whole movie on-line. I was blown away!!!!

After I finished watching the movie, I immediately bought the DVD……….also on-line!!! (Mind you, I usually don’t buy anything through the internet!!!) While waiting for it to arrive in the mail, I went to Books-A-Million and purchased the hardcover book. By the time the DVD arrived in the mail, I had already read the book. I am an avid book reader, and pior to discovering “The Secret”, I had been reading other books that basically said the same thing.

One day, I went throughout the house and gathered all those books I had been reading; I laid them all on my coffee table and I just couldn’t believe how many books I had that were basically telling me the same thing — but with different words!!! After watching “The Secret” video , it suddenly dawned on me that I had “attracted” all this reading material to myself!!! For years, I had been asking God a series of questions that I had never received answers to through the regular “religious channels”. I couldn’t believe how plainly He was answering all my questions: in terminology so clear and simple it was almost impossible NOT to get it!!!!!

Anyway, it’s really easy for me to get carried away when I’m SO EXCITED about something, but I know considerations of time and space are important so — in the interest of brevity — I will say that I have asked The Universe for the sum of $485,000 by July 2nd 2007. I know the video says to start with something small such that it can be believable to you. Well…. money has never been that much of a challenge for me. Somehow, I’ve always seemed to have more than enough to meet my needs (and those of others as well!). So I decided to cut myself some slack and ask for something in an area where the challenges are small (once this is accomplished, I can go on to tackle other much more challenging areas in my life). However, I wanted the amount to be big enough such that there would be no doubt whatsoever in my mind that it – indeed! – came from “the Universe”, and not through any other “normal” channel. Heck! I’m not even working yet…actually I’m looking for a job! So, I KNOW that when this $485,000.00 comes my way, it won’t be because of a HUGE raise in compensation.

On the other hand, I have followed all of the “tricks” the Masters talk about in the video: I have it very clear in my mind how much I want, when I want it, and I know exactly what I’m going to do with the money when it arrives. I already have the check made out to my name, signed by “The Universe”…..and dated!!!!! I must confess I’m completely intrigued about how this is going to come about, and I must constantly remind myself of what Rhonda says: “It is NOT my job to work out HOW the Universe will bring it to me, so hands off telling the Universe what to do”.

THANK YOU, MY BEAUTIFUL UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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