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All A Game Of Patience.

Submitted by: Kim


Recent graduate looking to attract changes in my life.


I recently graduated from college and was looking to buy a car. I knew which car I wanted and could picture it exactly in my head, black, leather seats, Bluetooth, etc. I went to one dealership and they didn’t have the car I wanted in stock. They showed me a different one that had most of but not all of, the features I wanted. My dad was very happy with the vehicle and urged me to purchase it. For some reason, though the car looked great, I couldn’t help but feel that something was not right. I still felt a sense of “loyalty” to the car I had previously envisioned, even though I hadn’t seen it yet.

Regardless, I felt that since my dad was older and had more experience in these things that I should listen to him. I ignored my gut feeling and went ahead and purchased the car. When I was laying in bed that night, I was honest with myself and accepted that I was not happy with my purchase. At that point I told the Universe that if this was the right car for me, and if nothing more could be done, then I would keep the car and believe it was for the best. If not, then please find some way for me to return the car! I then let it go and just went to sleep.

The next day, my parents added the car to their insurance and found out that the car had had an accident in the past and that had not been disclosed to us. They decided that we would return the car. The dealership however, being a bit “shady”, kept dodging our phone calls and requests. Finally, we we went to the dealership ourselves and spoke to the shift manager.
The manager said that we could return the car but we would have to pay a $1500 fee to do so. My parents and I argued for a long time about how this was not fair but the manager would not budge. Eventually, we were able to bargain this fee down to $1000 and successfully returned the car.

At that point, though I had technically lost $1000, I couldn’t help but feel happy and grateful that I was able to get this car that I didn’t like off my hands, and that I had technically saved $500. I knew that the Universe would provide me a way to get that $1000 back, by any means, from any source.

Two days later, my dad received a phone call from the general manager of the dealership. He had seen the negative review that my dad posted online and said that he was very sorry to hear that we had had a negative experience and refunded us the $1000 back! When I found out the news, I was beyond shocked and grateful. That’s when my faith in the Universe became concrete.

To top it all off, just three days after this happened, I found the car that I was looking for! It had all the features that I had originally wanted and was also $4000 cheaper than the first car! I purchased it yesterday and I could not be happier.

I know this is a long read but I really wanted to share all the details about this story because I truly couldn’t believe that God or the Universe or whoever is listening, made my wish come true. It all comes down to letting go, being patient, and believing that everything will turn out for the best.

Thank you!

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