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A Miracle After A Terrible Tragedy.

Submitted by: Nina C.


A happy fire-cracker always looking at the bright side.


So I’ve always been super positive and happy so when I read all the Rhonda books it all made even more sense.

My life was wonderful I was living in my dream city everything was fallen into place and I could taste the victory already. Besides that I was working super hard to make sure I reach my goals.

I received the news that my mom had a stroke. My mom and I are super close she is my soul mate and my best friend, my whole world fell apart. I couldn’t bear the thought of loosing my mom. I flew back to my home country and my heart was crushed when I saw my mom sick in the hospital. She was also very sad and concerned because she is the only provider of my family, she supports and pays for my brother and myself while we are studying. We had no savings, we were living paycheck by paycheck. Since she couldn’t work for a few months we had no money. I was so upset and sad.

Then I read Hero and I realised that I was facing the “supreme ordeal” which is the final challenge you need to face to reach your dream. This final challenge is the biggest one and it seems like a death sentence to your dream. This gave me strength to face the fear of losing my mom, which was my biggest fear since childhood.

I started seeing the positive side and realised that at least my mom was resting and not overworking and this was a sign to look somewhere else for money until my dream came true. I had a perfect idea, I was gonna win the second price of the lottery!!! The amount was 279000 which was more than enough to support all of my family until I finished uni. I visualised I believed and I was relaxed and happy knowing money would never be a problem again and I could focus on my dream and studies and most important my mom would never had to work again if she didn’t want to. I had tears of happiness every time I visualised. I told my best friend that I was gonna pay for a trip for both of us to New York to celebrate. I did all these plans of what I was gonna do with the money.

So after the third try I WON!!!!! The prize money varies every week but that week it was exactly 279000, I’m so happy I faced my biggest fear and my mom is also leaving the hospital in one week.

Life is wonderful never give up!!

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