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Mar 22, 2017

A Chocolate Affair!

I’ll start this one by giving absolute thanks to the Universe. Thank you to Rhonda Bryne for beautifully uniting the world in it’s truth. Thank you to The Secret team. Thank you to all the […]

Mar 22, 2017

A Flight To See The Burj.

In 9th grade, I was taking a class called global issues. We had watched The Secret documentary and I was blown away but still a little skeptical. The teacher had assigned us a project to […]

Mar 21, 2017

How I Manifested My Favorite Chocolate; Dairymilk Marvellous Creations!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Rhonda Ma’am and the entire team of The Secret. I often come to this site to submit my manifestation stories. Eight of my stories have already been published on […]

Mar 21, 2017

Balloons And The LOA.

I want to start by thanking everyone who posted his or her story here. They keep me connected to a positive life and they turn my mood in a second. Thank you, Rhonda, for spreading this book […]

Mar 20, 2017

My World Is Filled With Hearts!!

Dear Secret Family, With smiles and gratitude to all the wonderful people, I commence this article. I have posted many stories and again I’m here with a new experience! Few days back, I completed reading […]

Mar 19, 2017

The Parrot.

I had been reading The Secret for a while and I always believed in what I read, so I thought I would try it out. I read about visualization and thought about how this could […]

Mar 16, 2017

I Got My Dream Phone!

Thank you so much to Rhonda mam and all the teachers of The Secret. Back in 2006 when this book was published my dad gave me this amazing book called The Secret. I have applied The […]

Mar 14, 2017

Got My Life Back!

It was just a year after my marriage. I had to do my classes along with my household chores and due to an arranged marriage I had some adjusting issues. Four months before my exams […]

Mar 2, 2017

Don’t Give Up Your Desire.

Hello Everyone!!! My name’s Julia from Kazakhstan. First of all I’d like to say many thanks to our Rhonda Byrne and The Secret Team and also to you who share your wonderful stories of your […]

Feb 27, 2017

Pune Ernakulam Via Panvel Superfast Express Train.

The Indian Railway Ministry started the Pune Ernakulam (via Panvel) Superfast Express train no. 22149/22150 on Oct. 2010. They had not provided a halt for this train at Karwar, which is a district headquarter. There […]

Feb 16, 2017

Celebrity Message.

I’ve been using the LOA ever since I read about it and thank the heavens it has been working for me. My latest was that I manifested a meeting one of my favorite actors and […]

Feb 16, 2017

Always Get A Seat!

This is my third story, I think, on here. No matter how many times I thank the Universe and The Secret team for inspiring all of us to believe in the magic, it will not […]

Feb 15, 2017

I Asked, I Received Instantly!

I received bad news yesterday and turned to food. My mom’s car, which had no insurance, was hijacked. The tracking company had reported that the device was either already removed or that the location of […]

Feb 13, 2017

Running Water.

Hello wonderful, wonderful humans!! I specifically hope that you are having the most wonderful day of your life! My story really, really, really makes you believe with all your heart in the Universe. So I have […]

Feb 13, 2017

That Girl In The Traffic Jam.

It almost gave me goosebumps when I started contemplating about an experience after I came home from work today! A year ago I was in India driving my Fiat Punto, listening to great songs and stuck […]

Feb 10, 2017

Received My Wish Within Hours Of Asking!

Thank you to The Secret team for my beautiful life! I have been using The Secret for the past 3 years and have manifested many amazing things in my life! Though there have been many […]

Feb 10, 2017

Unconsciously I Used The Secret!

There was this guy in my high school and I used to think about him every day. I used to think of all the things I would be saying to him if I ever got […]

Feb 10, 2017

LOA Airport Miracle!

This is a short little story but never the less, I wanted to share it anyway. I was returning home from a vacation and my family was running very late for our flight because of […]

Feb 8, 2017

I Attracted A New House!

I listened to The Secret audio book in one day. Straight away after hearing it, I remember feeling all pumped and amazing knowing that I knew The Secret and I had the power to attract […]

Feb 6, 2017

Black Suede Boots.

For the past 3 years all I have ever wanted, shoes wise, were a pair of over the knee, black suede boots. While scrolling through the Instagram feed, I came across a pair of over […]

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