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  • Date Posted: Mar 20, 2017
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My World Is Filled With Hearts!!


Happy Soul enjoying life's beauty.

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My World Is Filled With Hearts!!

Dear Secret Family,

With smiles and gratitude to all the wonderful people, I commence this article. I have posted many stories and again I’m here with a new experience!

Few days back, I completed reading of the book, The Power written by Rhonda. She mentions in one segment that shining light is her cue for her abundance of joy. So I instantly began to search for my cue of abundance of joy and happiness and finally landed with a heart symbol. A heart in any form, solid, liquid or gaseous, elongated or squeezed, thin or bulged, dry or wet, light or heavy, etc. I just declared that “I want to see heart whenever I am over joyed and happy”. And people, trust me, since last week I am just seeing hearts everywhere. I lost count when I was counting the number of hearts that is shown to me from the Universe! Of course I am very happy and over joyed. I can feel it from my inner being.

My piece of advice is to find any cue for yourself and tell it to the Universe. Whenever your cue is shown to you, it is confirmation that you are on the right track, the track of joy, happiness and abundance.

Magic Dust to all!!

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