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I Won Back Everything That I Lost!

Submitted by: Chloe


I'm an artist and writer in my twenties from the UK and I have always believed in magic. It wasn't until I came across The Secret last year that my life was instantly changed and the magic I always knew existed was revealed to me. Now I spend every day overflowing with gratitude and speak to the Universe all the time. I tell everyone I can about it so they can experience the magic too.


Ever since March 2018, when I first found out about the law of attraction and The Secret, my life has been transformed! I honestly can’t explain what the Universe means to me, it is my best friend! I talk to the Universe every day. In times of sadness and happiness, the Universe is there for me and has sent pure magic to me! So many incredible things have happened I have so many stories to share. Even the tiniest are so huge. I grew up knowing magic was real, even though I couldn’t prove it or see it, I knew something big was waiting for me, like the moment in the novel where the hero discovers The Magic. And then I read about the law of attraction. Every night I lie in bed just beaming at the ceiling saying, “Magic is real and I have been gifted with that knowledge. Thank you.”

I’ll be sharing all of my stories but I want to share these two first.

Because of an environmental accident, I lost all of my books and my art materials. I am an artist so this was devastating. There were hundreds of pounds worth there, let alone just the fact of seeing beautiful, brand new books destroyed hurt so much. So my Mum asked the Universe, because I had taught LOA to her too, if somehow I could have all the things I’d lost, replaced.

Right after that, I noticed there was a contest to win a year worth of books. All you had to do was create a photo of reading books. I took a photo of the amazing mural on my wall with me and my cat, who did the paw. Then I drew the characters from Lord OF The Rings in on the iPad as tiny silhouettes. As I finished drawing the characters I suddenly felt this incredible feeling, like this photo would come to mean so much to me. I asked if I could please win, I imagined how I’d react, I felt the happiness so strongly. And then I let it go

Fast forward a few weeks later and bam, there in my Instagram was a message, “Congratulations to the winner of our book giveaway…” It was me!! Oh my gosh!

I hurtled through the house screaming like I was being chased by a saber tooth tiger. My Mum had no idea what had happened to me. Now every month for a year I get £30 to spend on books. Wow! Every time I buy some I am so, so grateful and I still can not believe that I won.

Then there was a contest to win £200 of art materials, so I entered a drawing but I did it wrong. I imagined it and visualized it all the time. I did it too much. I just couldn’t let it go. And guess what? I didn’t win it!

Just a few days later I saw there was a contest by my favorite art brand to win £300 of their art materials. Wow! Except I missed the closing date. Gosh, I was so gutted as I lay in bed the night before somehow wishing it could change. Then I let it go, relaxed and didn’t think any more about it. But later in the day just out of curiosity, I decided to look. The deadline had changed! No way! There were two days extra to enter and enter I did. I felt like this was done for me by the Universe and I wouldn’t let it down. I created the painting, posted it, imagined it and let it go. The winner was to be contacted on the 14th and the day passed with nothing. Ahh, I didn’t win.

Then the day before Christmas I got a little Instagram notification. “Congratulations to…..”. Oh my gosh, I couldn’t believe it. I’d won! I’d won the art materials. I hurtled down the corridor screaming again and Mum screamed too. My whole family did with happiness. What a Christmas miracle. Words don’t even……

I can’t believe it. But of course, I can. It’s the Universe.

The most wonderful friendly Universe. Thank you, Rhonda and The Secret team for telling us about this, the greatest gift in, well, the Universe.

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