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Weight Is Just A Number.

Submitted by: Kamya


I'm a working professional in a high paying media company, living the dream!


To be fair, I had never been majorly overweight. I had always qualified in the ‘medium’ category so I didn’t think much of it, till I saw my sister lose half her weight. I wanted to try it out too, and I pursued fitness with a passion. I wanted to look a certain way, so I could feel a certain way and I could be energetic enough for anything.

Two years passed. I had tried everything, the gym, pilates, cycling, so many fad diets, but to no avail. I was crying out of frustration. Then, I read The Secret. I didn’t use it to attract my weight loss initially, I just used it to get out of my frustration and see possibility in life again. And, I managed to attract many things. Like a McDonald’s in our locality, free concert tickets, free dinners at fine dining restaurants and even a dream starting job! But I still couldn’t get myself to believe that it could help my fitness goal.

And what you believe is just what you receive. Once I started working, I couldn’t keep up with the exercise and I bloated to twice my size and I was even more miserable. I was so miserable that it affected my endocrine system and I had to go to the doctor for help. And the doctor told me I had a problem with insulin resistance, that I had to work out more. I had to eat healthier. I was livid! This was not what I had asked for and I had been doing this for at least 2 years! Why were there no results?

Then after the feeling passed, I questioned myself and the Universe. Is it true that I can’t lose weight? The Universe said no. I asked the Universe what I had been doing wrong and the Universe gave me a sign. I literally saw a sign board that said ‘don’t overthink it’. It was a caption for a hoarding commercial. And that was it. That was the answer! I had been agonizing about it, building it into a monster, and mistrusting the process. Moreover, I had exhibited no love for myself and my body! I had to simplify the process.

I created a vision board of how I wanted to look and what I wanted to wear. I wrote down a time period. I was giving it 1 year.
And I constantly visualized myself as different, fitter and happier. I gave up weighing myself for a while and just focused more on meditating on the present. If the Universe wanted me to actively join a class, it gave me possibilities. I joined yoga. And my new company offered salads and healthy meals at really subsidized rates. It was the Universe at play!

It took me less than a year to get to that happy place both mentally and physically. I lost 15 kilograms!

So, thank you so much Rhonda! I am eternally grateful for all your help and blessings and support. Thank you so much for this community as well! It is so inspiring to see so many people manifesting so many different things! I read it daily! It reminds me of beautiful things and learnings that may have slipped from my focus. I have read all your books and have all the apps! Thank you so much for them!

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