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  • Submitted by: gary settles
  • Date Posted: Nov 9, 2017
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The Universe Showed Off.

gary settles

United States

47 year old self employed single guy living in New York, NY.

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The Universe Showed Off.

The Secret (LOA) has been more than an eye opener; it has been a life changer. My background is a family history of financial struggle and just getting by. Making the decision to be self employed has been a nail biter for me as there are times when business is slow and my finances are low. Now I know that my thinking has a big influence on that so I am getting better at manifesting money into my life. Whenever I become anxious or worried, I deliberately reflect on how God and/or the Universe has always brought me through past experiences which puts me in a mindset that there is no need to worry; it always works out.

On Christmas Eve I was crossing a major traffic artery. Mid-way through I had to stop and wait on a median because the traffic signal changed to green for oncoming traffic. I looked down and saw a $20 dollar bill on the ground that I picked up; sweet! I thought to myself, why not try to see if the Universe can manifest at least $125. I figured maybe I’d find it on the ground again or somehow, but then I decided to just see what would happen without trying to figure it out ahead of time. Ha!

After a few weeks progressed, it was no longer a primary thought but was always there in the background. Come mid February, I noticed that a client had paid me $99 online but the funds hadn’t hit my account. I call the processing company to inquire and they did some research. I got a call back a few days later to find out that their research revealed that they owed me $774.90!! Besides being surprised and grateful to the Universe/Provider of Life’s Lesson, I laughed and said ‘You just showed off’. Sweet!!!!’

Pray, have faith, be patient, be thankful.


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