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  • Date Posted: Jun 12, 2017
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The Universe Responds To Your Feelings.



A teenage girl, continuing to discover the magic of life.

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The Universe Responds To Your Feelings.

I’ve known and been practicing The Secret for a while now. Recently, there were two main things I have been trying to attract, clear skin and great A level grades. However as hard as I seemed to try, I never saw any results. I kept getting frustrated because I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. I was always grateful, always held positive thoughts and just tried to spread happiness wherever I went.

On the 25th June it was my 17th birthday. But this birthday was like no other. I realized something. A few months ago I created a vision board which included things like people with perfect skin and a pre-printed mark sheet with the grades I wanted to get. I also had pictures of a professional camera and an acoustic guitar, which were two things I really wanted. However, like I said, my main thoughts were always focused upon my skin and my grades.

Well, on my birthday I received my guitar and a professional camera!!! I was so overwhelmed I literally cried. I never really spoke about these desires to many people, but I just knew that one day I would have them. And look at that, two wishes came true in one day!!! I’m just so happy !

What I realized was that I was trying too hard when trying to attract my perfect skin and grades. I never truly believed that it would just be delivered to me like my guitar and camera were. I felt that I really needed to try and practice hard if I wanted it, and I wasn’t able to just let go and let the Universe be in charge! I now understand the Secret. I now understand that our lives can so easily be perfect and full of happiness and success, because we are creating it !

I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone reading, it’s just really hard to explain. But I just wanted to say that if you’re trying and still not seeing any results, then really analyse your feelings. Do you truly believe and act as if your desire has been fulfilled ? That is what you need to do! You can achieve whatever it is that you want, because you are destined for greatness! Remember that ‘Whether you think you can or you can’t, either way you are right.’.

Love you all and a massive thank you to Rhonda and the whole team of The Secret!

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