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Universe Rescues Mother.

Submitted by: Anonymous

Mumbai, India

I am a 29 year old software developer residing in Mumbai, India. Also a mother to a 16 month old baby girl, a wife to a devoted husband and loving eldest daughter of my parents. I have a younger brother ans sister.


One early morning I received a call from my sister informing me about my mom’s sudden critical condition. She had been running a temperature for the last and this morning she screamed in her sleep, collapsed and had been unresponsive since. She also suffered a seizure and it took about an hour for the ambulance to arrive.

Once they reached the hospital they began to try to stabilize my mom. They found that she had very low blood pressure and was breathing rapidly. Given her condition, they said that surviving the first 24 hours was doubtful. The doctor gave her medications to stabilize her BP and also put her on a life support ventilator.

The next day passed the same as the first, apart from her BP which was controlled through medicine, her condition didn’t improve. She suffered another seizure and the doctors indicated that this could there was CNS (central nervous system) damage and the chances of survival decreased more. Meanwhile, they got her blood reports back and she tested positive for dengue. Doctors diagnosed her with dengue encephalitis. She remained unresponsive on the second day too.

We shared her blood reports with our family physician and he told us there’s no hope and we had to prepare for the worst. Our entire family gathered and relatives were asking us to be strong for each other and kind of asking us to give up on our hope.

To be very frank, after the seizure she suffered in the hospital, I had pretty much given up. I just remained quiet the entire second day, not wanting to give up but feeling hopeless. The family doctor’s comments further punched me down.

That night, randomly, The Secret came to my mind. I had read the book a couple of times and tried applying it in my life but had never succeeded. I knew I lacked determination. This Time I decided to apply The Secret’s teachings to my mom’s condition and with determination.

I started writing notes on my phone about positive responses to mom’s condition. The first thing I wrote was that my mom opens her eyes. After writing this I slept and every time I woke up in the night I repeated that mom has opened her eyes. I even imagined it. When I woke up the next morning, though everyone was gloomy, I was hopeful and kept telling everyone that we shall receive some positive news today. By noon, my dad called me from the hospital saying mom has opened her eyes! I just couldn’t thank the Universe enough.

Now, the doctor who was treating her commented that this was considered to be just a 1% improvement and she needed to start responding to their verbal commands. So I wrote that down and it happened! I was elated. Anything the doctor said should happen, I would write down and pray for it and it always happened. After 10 days of this, my mom was home and alive!

From the tiny chance of survival to her being alive, I owe my gratitude to the doctors treating her, the Universe and everyone praying for her.

Below is the letter I wrote to the Universe:

I started writing this letter midnight on day 2 of hospitalization. Telling the Universe and myself that everything would be fine and mom would come home fine, smiling and alive, I wrote: “The next day I will receive a message saying that mom has opened her eyes and is better.”.

Day 3: “The Universe has answered my prayers and mom has opened her eyes. Today she will start responding to our verbal commands too. Thank you. Universe, you have proved yourself again. Thank you for giving me what I asked for”.

The next day of her hospitalization, during a consultation we were given good news for the first time since admission. “The doctor is very hopeful about recovery now and is marveled at the speed of it. Mom started responding more and is able to breathe better without a ventilator. Thank you, God and the Universe for granting my wishes and giving me my mom back alive”.

“Today the doctors removed mom’s feeding tube and oxygen and she is breathing properly and also eating well. Her platelets have also started increased and the dengue virus is now out of her system. Her MRI reports are normal too.”.

Thank you to God and the Universe for granting my wishes and saving my first love, my mom.

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