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How The Universe Landed Me My Dream Internship!

Submitted by: Alekhya

United States

A positive thinker having a strong and powerful belief in the Universe.


Thank you, thank you, thank you so much, Universe, for helping me land my highly paid, dream internship. I am here to tell you that your dreams will definitely come true if you have strong and unwavering faith in the Universe and take inspired action. My story is a proof of the same.

So, I came to the United States to pursue my Masters in Computer Science from a very reputed University. For seven months after I got here, not a day passed by without me crying. When in India, I was a very confident girl with high self-esteem, but here I was so depressed. I lost all my confidence. People around me seemed smarter than me. I kept losing belief in myself up to the point where I no longer believed I could ever achieve anything.

Internships are a big thing here. All my friends, except for me, bagged internships by December, and here I was, not even applying to internships until January due to low self-confidence. Everyone around me kept saying that my chances were very slim and it’s next to impossible to land an internship at this point in time. But then, deep within, I wanted an internship. I didn’t know “how” but I only know that I wanted it very badly.

One day I was crying, thinking I might never get an internship. I walked to the library. I wanted to start afresh. Then I learned The Secret! I decided not to think about anything anymore because I realized my negative thoughts were causing the situation to worsen! So, I decided to stop thinking and just focus on the task at hand.

All of a sudden, out of the blue, an email arrived saying that the company that I applied to in January was very interested in my background, and would like to interview me. What happened in the next week was an absolute miracle! The moment I received the email, I said to myself, “This is mine! I will work hard to crack the interview”.

I took inspired action. While preparing for the interview, I was fully enjoying and preparing with interest. I was visualizing succeeding, every day. Within a span of two days, I cracked two interviews, and a day after that, I received an email with the big bold subject line, “Congratulations, Alekhya”.

I was speechless. I cried, this time, with tears of happiness and joy. It was the happiest day of my life. The past seven months of struggle had finally led me to fruition. I danced with enormous happiness in my heart. Words can’t express how happy I was. It was my single biggest dream after coming here. And the Universe has made my dream come true. In fact, the Universe had given me more than what I asked for.

One thing I’d like to tell all of you is that no matter what others say, no matter how negative they are, no matter how much they discourage you, don’t lose hope. If you believe with all your heart that your dreams will come true, then the Universe will rearrange everything to manifest your dream for you. Just have faith. Your time will come. Believe, feel good and then let it go. Don’t think about the ‘how’. As Mike Dooley says, the ‘hows’ are the domain of the Universe.”

I am forever grateful to the Universe for helping me in unimaginable ways, and for helping me manifest my dream internship, through seemingly impossible situations. Thank you, thank you, thank you Universe.

That my friends, is my story. Thank you for reading.

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