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The Universe Always Gives What You Ask For.

Submitted by: Sha


A natural believer who also needs a little practice from time to time. Everything needs work. Including faith.



I would like to thank the Universe for showing me The Secret when I was in my 1st year of college. I had been believing always but the confirmation from this book has given me so much confidence that who knows, I might buy a city some day. I’m just kidding. So here’s one of my most favourite specific manifestation very recently.

So I wanted a job and I am a freelancer. I wanted it to happen at a 5 star hotel and I got the exact work I wanted at a 5 star hotel just a few days later. Then I wanted my work to take me to a resort because I feel more chilled out when my work takes me to a resort because I can chill until the whole event is set up, plus the travel makes me feel good. And of course, I did not put a lot of pressure on it, I just said “Hey Universe, remember you owe me this” and I smiled and poof! I received an event at a resort. There’s are 1000’s of stories like that.

One thing that I have understood is that when you truly believe in something and you know that you are deserving of it, you don’t need to beg anyone. Not even the Universe. Also if it’s coming from a place of fun, there’s no issue. But if it comes from a needy place all the time, it’s not good. I understand that sometimes in the career that I’ve chosen I have to make people understand and believe in me, and I truly hope that what I want, happens. But I also believe that if you truly do not believe in yourself or in that divine power/Universe, then you will eventually settle for something that does not make you feel good or something that you did not ask for.

I would suggest that you:

1. Dream

2. Know what you want.

3. Work for it and prepare for it.

4.Be happy no matter what.

5. Be grateful for what you want. Most important.

6. Just ask the Universe and chill out. Take that risk of chilling out.

So all you have to do is allow. Allow the Universe to do its work. Once you’ve asked, it is given. Trust me, I’m still learning this again and again. Although the Universe has always been answering, sometimes your life situation can make you really desperate. But it’s alright. Allow the resistance as well. It’s okay. You got this.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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