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Truly Believing Is Unbelievable Power.

Submitted by: Frank D.

Womelsdorf, PA

I am a 45 year old successful businessman, with 3 kids and married for 18 years. My failures in life became my stepping stones to my success.


About a year ago I was in a rut. Actually a mental rut. For about two weeks straight I was just going through the motions of life. When you area kid and asked what you want to be when you grow up, kids will say a doctor, a fireman, a football player, etc. But if you asked me I would say that I wanted to be a millionaire. People would ask me what is it you want to do to be a millionaire and I would say I don’t care, I just want to be one. Now of course because I was a kid it was for all the wrong reasons, but nevertheless, it was what I wanted. So I was 44 years old and far from one. Although I owned my own business I just wasn’t getting what I wanted. If people asked you what kind of man I was, they would have said a very positive one but I was far from feeling it.

So one night I was alone and turned on Netflix to watch something and I decided to punch in the word “Positive”. That is when I was introduced to “The Secret”. After watching this movie I was so inspired I went on the internet to see if anyone else had ever heard of it. Well, I came to find out it has been around for a while and even celebrities believed in it. I decided to make some changes right away. So the first thing I did was order some books that I heard some people talking about. I wanted to keep up this feeling and I knew that if I would keep reading things of this nature it would help me out. I had a list of about 7 or 8 books and ordered them all. They all came in within two weeks except for one, the one I was really looking forward to reading, “The Alchemist”. Will Smith talked about this book in an interview and it sounded like something I would like.

A couple nights later I decided to use The Secret and at night I said that this book will come to me tomorrow. I truly kept saying it until I really believed it. Now even if it came the next day I knew it would have to be here soon, so I don’t think I would have put much belief in it because of that but what did happen was something that got me believing unconditionally.

That next morning I had to go clean out a small garage. As I was removing the items, I saw a shoe box of CD’s. All were moldy and missing but when I got to the bottom of the box there was an audiobook. It was a 4-disc CD of “The Alchemist”. The case was in perfect condition and all the CD’s were there as if it had never been used. I couldn’t believe it! The catch however, was that night I still had not received the book so I went to my Amazon account to see when I ordered it. I came to find out I never ordered it! It was the last book on my list and I must have forgotten to order it, yet, the day I really wanted it, I received it!!

Since seeing the movie, I have used The Secret continuously. I have paid off my vehicle loan, my house loan and hired enough people to help run my business to where I only have to spend just a few hours a week. I have made 5 times the money that I had in my savings which took me 2 1/2 years to save. Now making that amount again has taken me less than one year. Within the next two years if I do nothing else, I will be a millionaire. This has also freed me up to start 3 new projects that I believe will all be successful. I cannot thank you enough for this movie. I had no idea before but now I am loving every minute of it.

Thank you.

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