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Thoughts Have Power.

Submitted by: Betris

I am strong believer of the LOA.


I have always believed that thoughts have power. I read a book back in 1999 which planted this belief in me but I never really practiced or manifested anything with that belief. Last year my friend talked about “The Secret” to me and told what she had already manifested. I was inspired by her story and started to search for the book. When I went to the book shop, I ended up buying The Magic instead of The Secret merely because of it was cheaper in price.

I found The Magic interesting because it had tasks with exciting activities. During the practice period, every day was an exciting day for me. I would wake up early to do the tasks. Without me realizing it, it really shaped my way of thinking and seeded positive thoughts in me. I stopped paying attention to negative news on social media and only concentrated on news or articles that give me happy feelings. After I had completed the 28 days of practices I learnt to keep calm and maintain happy thoughts in any kind of situation. So far I have manifested many things in my life from very little to big.

A very incredible thing happened to me yesterday. I had to use an instrument in my lab. I put my samples in the instrument and accidently left a small plastic accessory on the instrument that prevent it from closing. When I tried to close the lid, the lid stuck because of this plastic and I couldn’t open the lid at all. The instrument showed “error” message. I called my lab technician to look at it and she tried her level best to fix it but nothing happened. Until that moment I was so calm, thinking that it would be solved but to my disappointment, she told me that the instrument was broken! She needed to call the supplier to bring it in to be repaired. It was a Friday which meant that she could only call the company on Monday and there was no guarantee of when the instrument would be returned. My precious samples which need to be kept frozen, were in the instrument. If I left them in over the weekend, the samples would be spoilt. I spent quite a lot of money to get the samples to the lab that I was currently working in. Research students will understand my feelings. For a moment the world went blank. Then I calmed myself down and went to my table to write a gratitude note in my lab book. I truly thanked the Universe and kept imagining how it would it feel when I take my samples out from the instrument safely and continue with my lab work.

Then I went back to the instrument to see what I could do. But I didn’t really manage to do anything. Suddenly, about 3 minutes later, the technician brought in another lab mate of mine, Mr. X, saying that he would like to try. He used all his weight to push the lid down and pressed the “open” button. Ta da! The lid opened! I jumped in joy.

This truly means a lot to me because it saving my samples meant I would not have to spend another several months of hard work and additional money. If the samples were gone then there was no point for me to have already spent a huge sum of money and travel quite far to work from my current place. So I asked, believed and received in 3 minutes time! I can not thank Mr. X enough for this. I am glad that my technician spoke him.

I truly thank Rhonda Byrne and the whole team for publishing The Secret series. I also am grateful to my friend who introduced me to The Secret. Now I have a complete set of all the books. My life is getting better and better every day. I also would like to thank everyone that post stories here. Thank you!!

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