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The Test

Submitted by: Luke D.

New York

Luke is a 23 year old. Model/actor/singer in New York City who loves to entertain, workout, travel, and spend good times with family and friends.


This is how I found The Secret…

I was in a relationship that I really didn’t want to be in. He lived in New Jersey, so I would get lonely in New York. I was bored one night and decided to go to a night club. I got drunk to the point that I blacked out and when I woke up I was having sex with a guy I didn’t know. I didn’t remember how we met or how we got to my place. The condom broke and I was really scared I could of contracted HIV. So I went to the doctors the next day and got some HIV post-exposure medicine. The way the medicine works is that if you take it with in 72 hour of contact with HIV, you can kill it. You have to take the medicine for 30 days. I told my boyfriend what happed, and I said I’m not really in love with you, if I was I wouldn’t do stuff like that. So I broke up with him.

During that month I was very depressed and mostly stayed in. To try to feel better I kept thinking, ‘Right now I am HIV negative, if there’s ever a day I find out I am, I’ll think about it then.’ I was down and I wanted something good to happen. I decided to use my free time to try to focus on my acting career. I finally got a job as an extra in a movie.

While in the waiting room of the movie set, one of the lead actors came out and asked the extras how did y’all get this part. We said we found it online. Then he said, I got the part through my agent and the law of attraction. I said, what’s that? This girl sitting next to me began explaining it. I was blown away.

I went home, got online, and watched The Secret. A couple of days later it was time for my HIV test, and this guy who I had a crush on, named John, was supposed to give me the test. After I watched The Secret I changed my thinking. I walked into that doctors office thinking, ‘I know I’m HIV negative. Everything is going to be fine.’ The receptionist said that my appointment wasn’t in the computer, so John won’t be able to give me the test. Some other guy gave me the test, and I had to wait 20 minutes for the results. While in the waiting room I remember thinking, ‘I wish John gave me my test because he is so sexy,’ and thinking of him made me feel so good.

The test came back negative, and I was so happy. I felt like I won the lottery and I had a new chance at life. I left the office singing and dancing down the street. Then I looked up and saw John. I said, ‘Hey, how you doin?’ We talked very briefly because he was rushing to work. Then I thought, I was just thinking about him. I smiled and I was so happy. I realized all of this happened through the Secret and as I learned more about the Secret, I realized that the reason my test came back negative is because, I was thinking, ‘Right now I’m HIV negative.’

Since learning the Secret 6 months ago I have attracted more great health, wealth, modeling, & acting jobs, and better relationships. I use it daily. When I get my hair cut, I just walk in and get my hair cut right away without waiting, even on days when it’s usually crowed. I love my life, it’s so abundant. Thank you!

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