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  • Submitted by: Dionne Evans
  • Date Posted: Oct 23, 2017
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The Secret Check.

Dionne Evans

United States

I come from a background like many of us, that money doesn't grow on trees. I no longer associate with such belief.

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The Secret Check.

A few months before my 20th birthday I realized I needed money for all the desires I had to make my birthday special. I wasn’t employed and really had barely any cash. The Secret had worked before in my life but I fell off using it. I knew what I needed to do and I began saying affirmations, visualizing, and listening to Abraham Hicks and Bob Proctor. I purchased The Secret To Money App along with The Secret Daily Teachings. I would watch The Secret on Netflix almost every day.

One day decided to write myself a check of $50,000. It didn’t come right away, it took some time for getting into alignment. But sure enough, before I knew it someone had offered me fifty thousand dollars just in time for my 20th birthday!

I am still in tears of joy. Ask, believe, and receive. Sending love and light to you all and keep up the good work. If you’re reading this take it as a sign from the Universe.



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