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Submitted by: Belinda

Melbourne, Australia


I am twenty-nine years old and live in a lovely house in Melbourne, Australia, with my boyfriend, who is a police officer, and our beautiful identical-twin daughters, Melinda and Madeline.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, it is. However, life hasn’t always been this happy. I came from a life of broken relationships and depression. My parents separated when I was four years old, and I didn’t have a happy childhood. I got into relationships from a very young age, thinking they would make me happy, since I was searching for what I’d missed as a child. Instead of making me happy, they only led to misery and disappointment.

By the age of twenty-four, my life had plummeted to new lows, even to the extent of an attempted suicide. I had separated from my partner, I was broke, depressed, living with my mother, and I had no career.

One day I went into a new-age store, and the man who owned it gave me a copy of The Secret DVD. I took it home and watched it, and I agreed with the principles of it, but I just thought, That’s nice, and filed it away with my other DVDs.

Life continued to be depressing, until one day I didn’t feel like I could take any more of it. That was when I realized that using The Secret was my only chance ever to be happy. I began to really apply the principles. I made a definite decision as to what I really wanted in life, I created a vision board, and I began to live/feel/act as if those things were now a reality. Putting aside my doubts and fears about “how” all this would happen was difficult in the beginning, but I nevertheless persisted, giving thanks that the life I wanted was already a reality. This meant writing in my Gratitude Journal daily and really feeling the feelings of being grateful for these things, as if I already had them.

I was living in Sydney at the time, and I wanted to get away to make a completely fresh start. I also wanted a boyfriend and a new job that I enjoyed.

I met a guy from Melbourne, and we got along really well right away. It all happened very quickly and in a way I’d never have anticipated. Because he had to go back to Melbourne and I lived in Sydney, we had to rely on telephone calls, texts, and emails for communication. We spoke on the phone every single day, and after only four weeks, he asked me if I’d like to move down to Melbourne to live with him. Even though it had been such a short time, it felt right, so I did it.

Once I got to Melbourne, I began to contact employment agencies, looking for a job. I had already written down what I wanted in a job, and I had used The Secret principles. After I initially took a couple of temporary positions just to earn some money, a fantastic job came up. It met all the criteria that I had set for the ideal job and turned out to be the best job I’d ever had.

I also printed out the check from The Secret website, pinned it on my vision board, and focused on having received the money and feeling good about prosperity. Very soon afterward, my father called me, very excited to let me know he had won quite a bit of money in Powerball! He told me that he wanted me to have some of it and that he’d be sending a check for five thousand dollars!

I was very happy with my boyfriend and with my job. I loved living in Melbourne and I loved our house. The next thing I put on my vision board was children. I so wanted children, and I’d always wanted twin girls. I cut out a picture of newborn twin girls from a magazine and put it on my vision board. I was also buying baby clothes in advance, and I’d buy two of everything (newborn girls’ clothes). Again, I used principles from The Secret and got into feeling that what I wanted was already a reality.

Less than eight weeks after moving to Melbourne, I discovered I was pregnant. Morning sickness kicked in and was terrible (I’d forgotten to ask about feeling good in the early part of pregnancy!). At twelve weeks, the ultrasound confirmed that we were expecting twins! My boyfriend was surprised, but I knew it was because of The Secret. From then on, I wrote down and believed that I had a very healthy and happy pregnancy (which I did). I got everything I asked for: a healthy pregnancy, a natural birth at thirty-eight weeks, and healthy twin daughters.

I am now studying (through distance education) for a social work degree (another thing I asked for and believed I’d received), I have made many lovely friends, I am happy and financially secure. Lots of amazing little things happen regularly now, and I know it’s because I apply The Secret to my whole life.

The Secret changed my life. It will change yours too, if you use it.


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