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The Power Of Repetition.

Submitted by: Ruvimbo


I love learning and I recently learned how important it is to realise that dedicating my time to learning about our Universe and the powerful beings that we truly are once we fully believe.


So for a couple of weeks now I’ve been thinking about how I want to allow the Universe to do its thing and start looking after me. This was a decision that came from feeling frustrated and wondering how, even though I had read The Secret and listened to many spiritual teachers and followed their practises. I knew the principles worked as all the methods I had followed in the past had worked but recently I couldn’t understand why what I applied wasn’t leading me to “experiencing the miracles” I had co created with the Universe.

I started to do a more inner searching and looking within at the possible blocks that were occuring on my journey. I then realised that one of the things I was missing was unshakable faith. I was too caught up on the ‘How’ alongside not detaching and allowing the Universe to do it’s work and living in the feeling of having of my desires. I realised this was because I was not fully trusting in the powers of the Universe. I wasn’t fully allowing the Universe to fully go to work, instead I was micromanaging the problem I needed resolving.

Today I decided to just fully be one with my feelings. I watched a couple of reassuring videos from Mark Houghton about letting go of time and a rampage video titled Abraham Hicks, Rampage Freedom To Choose on Youtube. I listened to this video over and over again alongside other Abraham Hicks material. I focused on prosperity affirmations.

I decided to finally go on a walk I had asked my partner to accompany me on. A walk that I had begun to procrastinate from. Whilst on the walk, I had the urge to check my bank account and I had manifested £204 pounds!!

I’m thankful to the Universe and Rhonda Byrnes,  as after discovering The Secret my spiritual journey began. I learned the importance of identifying limiting beliefs as the only thing that is holding me apart from what I want. It is because of the thoughts that I practice that don’t serve me.

I hope this helps in some way. Happy manifesting everyone.

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