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  • Submitted by: Tye H.
  • Date Posted: Jun 2, 2017
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The Power Of Intention!

Tye H.

Pennsylvania, United States

I am a single mother of one teenage daughter. I have a full time job that I enjoy but financially it just gets me by. I consider myself an easy-going, fun person who tries to find the positive in most situations. I purchased the book "The Secret" in 2013 and later the audio book, which I listen to in my car almost daily.

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The Power Of Intention!

My story starts shortly after I read the book, The Secret. I worked at my current job part-time and ran an at home business part-time as well. I got by with the income from my job and business but there were times I would fall behind on my bills because of the fluctuation of my income. I began a vision board and filled it with all the things I wanted but I was not consistent. Finally I began to utilize the phase “I am a money magnet”. I repeated it all day and right before I slept. I’d sometimes replace it with other things I wanted to attract. Shortly after, I would receive money or a client would seek me out to do business. I loved it and was always grateful.

About one year after purchasing the audio book and listening to it every day during my travels, I noticed that I would always see the same three numbers in the same sequence. At first it was annoying. I thought “Why do I see the same time on the clock every time I look at it?” It drove me crazy. I’d see it on phone numbers, on billboards, everywhere. Even crazier was this number was the same as the address of my deceased grandmother’s home where I spent a lot of my life. It didn’t connect until my millionth time listening to The Secret that this was “my number”.

I decided to use the number as my trigger for bringing me more money. Instead of hating to see it I began to get really excited and grateful for the money I was getting ready to receive. This works miraculously for me. I am so thankful to see the number that money just comes to me almost immediately. Sometimes it’s not cash, it might be a discount I didn’t expect or someone might give me something that I would have to pay for anyway. When I see my number, money comes within a week, every time.

Once I purchased items at a store and as the clerk gave me the change he repeated the amount, which was my number! That was the first time anyone had actually said the number to me and within days I had a deposit in my account for $800. Now, I knew the deposit was coming and had been waiting for months but I didn’t know when it would come or for how much. It was amazing to me. The other day I was at a stop light and the two cars in front of me both had my number (alway in the same sequence) in their license plates. The next day I found a check in my mailbox for $700. These are not life changing amounts that I receive but it’s great when they come. I have made it my intention to feel excited and grateful for the money just as if I already received it because I know it is mine and will come.

Thank you so much for teaching me to be aware and expect the things I want. Thank you!

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