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The power of belief over medication

Submitted by: Ann M

Sault, ON

I am a mother of two boys and a working housewife. I have been married for 7 years.


I have a son who just turned nine a few months ago. At the age of three, my boy was diagnosed with a bladder problem called Neurogenic bladder. It is a problem in which a person lacks bladder control due to brain and or nerve conditions. Every day, he would go up to 20-26 times a day for bathroom breaks to avoid wetting himself, and never a dry night.

My son has wet the bed at least 3-5 times a night, every night for six years, even with heavy medication. Since the age of 3 until just very recently, so that makes a little over 6 years of constant travel to Toronto Sick Kids hospital, many different medication trials and thousands of dollars spent. I was at my end. However, so was my son. His self-esteem was diminishing quickly, he was afraid to go to sleepovers, but worse off, he woke up every morning sad. Sad for another night of soiled sheets. Another night of failure, another night of dissapointment. He felt ashamed all the time.

About two weeks ago, I was in the mood to watch a documentary. So, I turned to Netflix and had a look on what they had to offer. I scrolled past “The Secret”. (I remember seeing Kim Cattrell reading the book on the beach in Sex and the City, and always thought “Hmm… that book looks like a good one”. But that was as far as I went with that thought.)

So I clicked on it. As I began to watch it, hearing Rhonda Byrne’s voice drew me in. I was not sure if it was the accent, or the intensity of her story reaching out to me. I became latched, extremely interested, calm. Now I am not a calm person, I have always been mad, angry, impatient, worried… and so on. So I was suprised.

At the end of the movie, I was changed. And I also knew that because I was changed, everyone around me would be changed. And that was a feeling I never had. I found peace.

So, after watching the video several times, I decided to have a little talk with my nine year old son. Sitting down with him, I said to him: “Tonight, I want you to NOT say before you go to bed, “I hope I don’t pee the bed”. Instead, picture yourself waking up in the morning taking off your covers and realizing that you ARE dry. Believe it. Write it down my boy. Write it down, and believe that you will wake up dry. With excitement, he did just that. He wrote it down.

The next morning, HE WOKE UP DRY!!! That precious smile on his face lit right up. The next night, the same speech. The next morning, DRY. We are on to our 8th day of waking up dry! Medication, alarms, expensive trips that took more than 5 days away from home, none of that worked. The Power of THE SECRET, The POWER OF BELIEF, and the POWER OF ATTRACTION worked instantly.

My son is gaining his self-esteem, his self-respect and his happiness back, all because of this movie. I passed it along to him. And it has been working without a fault. This is no coincidence. I believe I opened my eyes and looked…. I found…. I passed it to my son.

So I thank you. I thank all the cast for their wise words of encouragement. I thank the creator, Rhonda Byrne. Our lives are changing. I will get there. After a lifetime of misery, it is about time. But better yet, I have a son that will go into the future with dreams. Not memories of failures.

Thank you so so so much.

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