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The Love Frequency.

Submitted by: Harley


Desperately searching for my purpose.


Hi everyone.

After reading so many of your stories and finding them invaluable, I had to share my experience with you! I hope it can also help many more achieve their desires.

I had been using The Secret on and off for a couple of years now with varied results. Everyday life always seems to find a way to throw me off balance and any difficulties turn my positive attitude into negativity ones. Until recently.

A couple of month ago I decided that I’d had enough and this was it. I was going to get back on track and create the life of my dreams. So I download The Secret To Money App, wrote down my desires and did some searching on the internet for some inspiration.

While browsing I came across some “music” on YouTube, 528 hertz. In the title it had the words ‘law of attraction’ and ‘the love frequency’ and they caught my eye. After reading a little more into it, as The Secret teaches us, everything vibrates at a frequency, including our thoughts. Known as the love or miracle frequency, 528 hertz is the frequency that they incorporate into lovely, relaxing music. It is the frequency that the sun and nature vibrates at in it’s perfect state. It is noted as the “musical mathematic matrix of creation” and states that “more than any sound previously discovered, it resonates at the heart of everything.”.
I’ll let you do your own research but I shall tell you how this links to my experience.

As I alway have in the past, I set things into motion. Upon waking I would meditate and practice The Secret and feeling good, visualising, following the steps in The Magic and eliminating all negative situations from my life that I could control!
But this time I added this tone to my routine. I started to walk daily down the canal, in beautiful surrounding nature, with my dog and while playing this 528 hz music through my headphones. As I did so I was daydreaming about all my desires big and small.
And the results started to appear like lightening.

Firstly, I had gained weight in the last year due to medication and had been unable to lose it no matter how hard I dieted or exercised. I have now lost 21 lbs with ease, almost back to my original weight.

Secondly, I had been speaking to someone about how I walk a lot with my dog and they mentioned how good the FitBits are for tracking your steps and calories burned. I Googled it and thought how useful it would be to have one. However, as I was off work sick, I thought I could not afford one at the moment and then I forgot about it. Later that day my Mum came to visit. I happened to mention that I’d been walking down the canal earlier and how I would like a FitBit. I was stunned when she pulled one out of her bag and said she had  just won one at work today and she was not going to use it, did I want it? I could not believe what had just happened!

I could tell you so many fabulous stories but I will save them for another day. I truly believe that this frequency works in total harmony with The Secret and the law of attraction. It is not known as the miracle tone for nothing. I really hope that it can help others as it has me.

Thank you and love to all

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