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The Change I Knew Was Coming

Submitted by: P...


I'm 31, had a bit of a topsy-turvy life, never truly been content with the skin I've been living in so to speak....


I’ve always known that there was something going to happen in my life. That feeling of “There’s definitely something bigger.” But, every time I got near to the answer, just I was about to put my finger on it, just as I felt it was within my reach…. it would disappear, leaving no hint or clue or evidence that it had been there in the first place. And so, I went back to the daily grind, the worries, the what ifs and the maybes.

I had a dodgy childhood – things that my loving family had no control over. When I got to my teens, I self-destructed, went on a spiral of drug abuse and alcohol abuse. By the time I was 17, I was using hard drugs and drinking myself into oblivion. I still managed, most of the time, to hold down a job, but, was desperately unhappy, and thoroughly depressed. I kept asking myself what it was that I had done to deserve this. What, if anything, could I do to change my circumstances? Maybe if this happened, or I talked to this person everything would be okay. Little did I know that by going through all those thought processes, that I was actually drawing more bad things into my life.

When I turned 22, I tried to end it, and overdosed on painkillers. I went to hospital, and the doctors told me that I had to get help, and that if I didn’t then I would be dead, or killed, or ill forever.

I came back to my family through pain, and hell, and tears, and sleepless nights. And do you know what? They took me back in with open arms. All the time I had been telling myself that my life is going to change, that I will be available to myself, that I will do good, that I will help people in the same circumstance that I had been in. I didn’t know it then but I was using The Secret.

I’m now 31, and a friend of mine one night said to me,” Have you seen or heard of The Secret?” I laughed and said “Is this a terrible joke?” He proceeded to get up, go over to his computer, and put on the film of The Secret. As I watched, the hairs started to stand up all over my body. It was as if someone had switched a light on in my head. The music in the distance that was so faint I couldn’t make it out, was blaring now. It was an epiphany. I walked home from his house saying everything that I wanted. But REALLY saying it. Then halfway home, believing I already had it.

That was two months ago. I made a vision board and proceeded to put my ideal job, location, wages, everything that I wanted to make me feel happy…

I opened my E-Mails the other day and I’m now going to Ibiza, to be a Chef, with an apartment I can drop a penny onto the beach from!! The wages are stupendous and the people are absolutely lovely. The joy I now feel is amazing, and sometimes I am that overjoyed that I let out a giggle!!

My life was always there for me, and I didn’t realise. I could have changed the negative parts of my life with one (yes, one) positive thought. But I didn’t because I didn’t have the faith in myself to surrender to the universe.

“Believe” means everything. So keep believing, and you will get everything you ask for and more…

Well I’m off to work on some menus for my restaurant. Think Michelin will be happy. You’ll need to come round sometime for a truly wonderful experience. One that you’ll never forget…

I’ve now got a boat, motorbike, Michelin star, and a check for a large sum of money on my vision board.

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