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That House Would Be Perfect!

Submitted by: S. Elliott

London, UK

I'm 28 years old. Happily engaged to my partner of 9 years. We have a 3 year old son and currently trying for another child. I work part time as an Education Project Worker, supporting young people with mental health difficulties. I am from a mixed race background, white and black Caribbean. I was introduced to The Secret book many years ago by my older sister when I asked her if she had a book I could borrow because I fancied doing some reading. The rest is history.


Many years ago I had an interest in finding a book to read. I wasn’t sure what book but I knew that I wanted it to be something positive and inspirational. I mentioned this one time to my older sister and she said that she had the perfect book for me to borrow. It was The Secret! I read it and absolutely loved it. So, I went out and bought the book for myself as well as the DVD, The Power, the Power CD’s and eventually The Magic. After reading the books, watching the DVD and listening to the CD, I had learned a lot. I try to use what I have learned in my day to day life and to help me to be more aware of my thoughts, feelings, and actions, which has helped me to achieve lots of great things.

I usually read other people’s stories that they have submitted through The Secret email that I regularly receive, but I never thought of submitting one of my own,- until now. I couldn’t resist telling this story as I know it has happened because of what I have learned and practiced from The Secret.

I, my Fiancé and our three-year-old son lived in a two-bedroom apartment, on the fourth floor of a housing block. When my Fiancé and I first moved in over five years ago it was a perfect size because it was just the two of us. However, since having our son we realised that we needed more space to accommodate our growing family and the fact that we want two children would mean that this apartment would be quite crowded.

We thought of how much the children would benefit from a garden and some outdoor space and how much we needed a third bedroom and more storage space. We also thought about our local area and how it wasn’t an ideal area to raise a family. In my mind what I wanted was to move to a quieter area, local to our son’s nursery, close to some good schools and into a three-bedroom house. Now I have to be honest but living in London it is so hard to get a house unless you are rich or you have a critical requirement, and we had neither of those. Also, because the city is so built up it mostly consists of apartments that are way overpriced!

With all this in mind, I was slightly doubtful, but then I remembered how this would prevent me from getting anywhere. So I stayed optimistic, created my very first vision board with what I wanted, stuck it up on our bedroom door and began searching for some local houses.

I found hundreds of apartments but no houses, apart from just one development that was being built about ten minutes away from our apartment. The development consisted of 10 houses. Three 2 bedroom houses and seven 3 bedroom houses. This development wasn’t due to be completed for at least another 6 months, but I kept my eye on it and registered my interest to the company.

I definitely knew that this place was the one for us because the location was perfect, the size was perfect, the house was beautiful and the price was low, but there were a few things that came up as barriers to us:

1. The income that was required to be able to be considered for one of the houses was above what our household income was.

2. We were told by the director of the development that well over 1000 people have registered their interests as it was extremely popular and in high demand.

3. We would have to have a buyer confirmed for our current property in order to be considered for a house.

4. Priority for these houses were given to the Military of Defence, current council/housing association tenants and only to then families.

5. We were also told that larger sized families would get priority over us as we only had one child.

Despite all of this we still knew that this was the perfect home for us and that we would do anything to get one! So, this is where I went into The Secret mode! I kept my focus on what I needed to do, kept visualising us in the house, acted as though we already lived there by visiting the local shops and taking my son to the local park. I made a list of the schools that I wanted to apply for locally. I drove past the development at least once a week and just parked outside for a few minutes to look at it, submitted an application, found a buyer for our apartment, etc.

My Fiancé also suddenly received a pay rise out of the blue which meant that we were able to meet the financial criteria! We managed to book an appointment at the viewing day which was based on a first-come, first-served. The first 50 callers were offered an appointment and we were one of the first to call! After the viewing we were told to submit lots of documents and that it would be very difficult as homes would be allocated to those who are a priority first, then to others.

Despite the 1000 or so people that were interested, despite the strict criteria, despite not having enough money and all of the hurdles, we remained positive and hopeful and even went out furniture shopping and bought some wallpaper to bring the home even closer to us. Each time I spoke about it to family and friends I would act as though it was already ours and smile and laugh about it, remaining excited throughout. I would say “One of those houses is ours!” I even went as far as to write the new address in my diary and wrote next to it “new address”. I was totally convinced it was ours. I even imagined the person calling up to offer one of the 7 houses to us. Every day we would talk about how we would decorate it and what we would buy but we knew that the development was so popular that there was always a chance we may not get it. We didn’t let that stop us.

I had a call about five days ago now offering us one of seven 3 bedroom houses! We confirmed a buyer for our apartment in time, and that’s how I know The Secret is real. We never stopped believing! The crazy thing was our move was is in the exact same month I put on that vision board a year ago! Wow. Miracles do happen.

Thank you!

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