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Secret Savior.

Submitted by: CD

Pennsylvania, USA

I'm a 47 year old woman who has struggled through a ten year abusive marriage. My ex spouse ran me into the ground financially. I struggled to pay a mortgage and eat at the same time. Over two years, I became impoverished. And today The Secret worked for me.


I had been struggling to get out of an abusive marriage that I was in for ten years. My ex then persisted and put me in so much debt that I thought I’d lose my home. It was the only thing keeping me going as I had no real family. Some weeks I struggled to pay for food because my job paid so poorly but no one else would hire me. I lived for two years that way. I tried everything to turn this around but nothing came. It changed me. I don’t believe there was a moment in these past two years that I did not wake up and go to sleep in fear and worry. I thought, “If a miracle doesn’t find me soon, in the next month or two, I will be homeless.”

I saw “How The Secret Changed My Life” on line in an ad. It was just the beginning of December and I wanted to get it but it was a luxury in my world as I counted every penny to get by. But I began to think, “If I’m going down, how were these extra  dollars really going to help me?” I had been in such depression, misery and angst for two years.  So I purchased them online. The order said to me that it would take about six to eight days to deliver. I thought, “Too bad, I need this now.” To my surprise they showed up on day three. I had even rechecked the delivery date and it’s progress the day before and it still said the same time frame. I took that as my first sign. I had to take it, everything was dwindling away.

I was inspired by these stories, many made me cry due to the beauty of these outcomes and feeling like I was almost crying happy tears that any of this could be my story. Or even a portion of it. I did the practices and the teachings, I was grateful each day and night, but I doubted a lot. I asked the Universe for a distinct sum of money to come to me in order to have a chance to keep my home, ease my mind, and use this to start a new chapter. Not a huge amount. It said to start smaller. But it was enough for two mortgage payments, and enough to spare me for a few months to possibly find better employment, temporary security, and newfound belief in life if I received anything at all. This began in early December. I used the checks from the Universe as motivation but I couldn’t afford to pay for the ink to print them so I made my own. Then I decided to make up four others. Each escalating in value as life progressed. The end goal as each was achieved was to hit my final goal of being 100% financially independent. But my first check had a date on it for December 27th. Well, that came and went and I was still with nothing, and I held onto this figure. I probably had another month to go before we would have to leave our home with having nowhere to go, nor help. I made sure I didn’t get up in the morning until I had the mindset of having this money. Some days it felt fake, due to the fear, others, it started to become real, as if it could manifest it in a heartbeat, a breath. I hadn’t had control of my own money in over a decade  as my ex had robbed me of even knowing the finances we had.

Before my marriage 19 years prior, I was working at a job that I loved. had known that my final goal was to have a very distinct job in the medical field. I also knew I’d need to go back to school for several years to do this job. So in addition to signing up for my prerequisite classes that I’d do at night, I set up a fund with a financial establishment. Almost like a college fund, but fast track. I was only allowed to utilize the money for schooling, just like many college funds. I was not allowed to withdraw any money from the account unless it was linked to books, tuition, etc., otherwise it would be forfeited. It would accrue money as it was also a low end investment account. Yearly I’d receive statements of some increases, not amounting to much. Near the end of my marriage those statements were probably taken and thrown out by my ex. My life as was planned, ended just months after marrying my ex. I was injured, conned, robbed and bankrupt by this person. I wasn’t allowed my own mail, phone, etc.. My life was controlled.

Fast forward to January 8th. I was seeing no money and it was looking like I was headed for the end. I just kept repeating in my mind, “Every door is opening for me, the Universe has rigged everything in my favor.” And then, you could say that I just relaxed and thought, what will be will be. I was so down and out, my stomach didn’t even hurt with worry. I noticed that. And all I thought was that I felt calm, Was this natural in my state? Or is this good?? I couldn’t tell.

I happened to open my mail that came with the yearly statement that I hadn’t seen in a few years. I thought, wow, I haven’t seen this in a while. But I left it in my car where I had opened my mail that day. It stayed there about 5 days, then I opened it and it and it showed the value as if it were from a month ago. The design looked different than I had remembered the statement to look like but it was my statement. It ceased accruing any investment money years prior and I couldn’t use it for schooling because I never went. Bored, I just decided to call to ask them why I was still getting these statements. The woman on the other end said, “Oh I see that your account is inactive.” I said “Well it’s not really an account anymore, it was for schooling only and that didn’t happen so I believe it is forfeited.” She told me to hold on.

When she came back she said very calmly, “The reason you keep receiving statements is because that rule of you needing to only use the account for schooling has been terminated.”

Right then. Right then I felt in my chest The Secret in action! My heart was racing but I remained calm. I said so what do we do? She said you have a few options, we spoke of them, and I chose the given option of taking out the entire fund. Which was $1,089, more that what I asked of the Universe! I had a substantial amount of money to pull a good amount of things together. I could pay my mortgage for the next few months. I could take time looking for a good job. No more stomach aches for all those years I had them. My stress over so many years washed away that day. I hadn’t seen this type of money since before I got married. I mean to many this is just a drop in the bucket but not for me. I had asked for a small amount to get me through these next months. I plan to do great things and trust the Universe wholeheartedly. I won’t turn back and I will go hand in hand with the signs I see, the cues, and I know the Universe has protected me. I had asked for a miracle and this was it. I could have thrown out that paper, or not called to say why are you sending me this. Nearly 19 years ago, and the Universe provided. I’m just getting started. At first I had thought, how is this going to come to me?? And then, I just let it go.

The Check from the Universe I wrote was early December. I asked for this miracle to come to me by December 27th. It did not come to me on the 27th but it did arrive to me on January 8th! I am shocked and grateful to no end. Without The Secret to guide me, this random blessing would not be mine today. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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