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Be Patient, The Universe Provides.

Submitted by: Camilla


Happy, loving and joyful yogi. Living a life full of gratitude.


All I’ve ever wanted was to have a happy, healthy, loving family and a home to share with them. In my early twenties I met my partner and we settled down, I really thought this was it! We fell in love, got married and were relatively happy though we were plagued with his debt and both suffering from mild depression, which meant we put off trying for a baby together. I believed in my heart of hearts that all would be well, that in the end I would get the life I always wanted. Then in my early thirties, after 10 years together, my husband walked out never to return. I was devastated.

I found myself alone and the dreams I had of starting a family and owning a home, slipped away. Slowly I started to get over the shock and the heartbreak, found yoga which has been one of my life’s saving graces and started to practice self-love. On my journey, I came across The Secret. Spurred on by other stories, I decided to write a list of my dream partner and what our home would be like. I could even picture the kitchen so perfectly! Predominantly I asked for someone kind, loving, understanding, patient and would love me unconditionally. I also went into ridiculous details, like he would need to be a graphic designer who owned his own successful business, in London Bridge and have his own home and security. I wrote it all down, asked the Universe and then left it there. I completely forgot about it.

I then went through a tough divorce and whilst I still felt sure that everything would be okay in the end, the picture of what ‘okay’ looked like changed. I thought that my happiness would be finding myself, happily living a single life and be a great aunt to my nieces and nephews. It wasn’t what I had always dreamed of but it would be enough.

It was at this point, when I became truly happy with myself and my divorce was behind me, that I met my current partner. And guess what? He is loving, kind, generous, owns his own home and owns a graphic design company based in London Bridge. I didn’t go out looking for this guy. We had met online so I knew nothing about his personality, his company or his home, and it was so long ago that I had completely forgotten about the list!! But there he was, all that I could have hoped for and more. I felt so blessed and our relationship has flourished. We fall more in love every day and everything seems so effortless and easy, whereas my previous relationship had felt hard and like work.

I am now sitting at the kitchen table that is the exact one that I imagined when I asked the Universe for a home. I am engaged to be married, actively trying for a baby and living a happier life than I ever could have imagined before. I didn’t know when I wished for these things that it would mean the end of my last marriage, or that it would take a year of heartbreak to deliver my ultimate wish, but I don’t regret one single solitary step. The Universe provided me with everything I needed to become who I am today. I needed the divorce to learn that I can be self sufficient and confident. I needed the heartbreak to go on a journey of self love where I discovered yoga. I needed to be alone for a while as it made me look to books and The Secret, so that I could learn and understand more of the world. I needed to lose old friends so that I had room in my life to grow and cultivate new and existing relationships. I needed all of this before I met my current partner so that when my forever husband came along, I was whole and happy and finally ready to give and receive love.

Thank you Universe. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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