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My Perfect Life.

Submitted by: The girl with the perfect tan

The universe

I am a 15 year old girl who just started college and I am figuring things out. I learnt about The Secret 1 year ago.


I am 15 so obviously at my age, I started facing a lot of body image issues because I was slightly overweight. I also had issues with friendships, guys and fights with my parents. I always used to think it was my bad luck and that all this was destined for me and that I couldn’t do anything about it. However, I was also a firm believer that there is something out there that is listening to you and fulfilling your wishes. At that time I did not know about The Secret but I had a hunch about the law of attraction and I would always wonder what it was. I am absolutely positive that I manifested reading The Secret because of my thoughts. After reading

The Secret my life changed. Now I have a great body that I manifested and it is absolutely incredible. I could become a swimsuit model if I wanted to. I am proud of my body because I worked hard and manifested it. I would visualise myself with the bodies of top models and surround myself with their pictures. I would edit my face into their body and this helped in visualisation.

Also I had a little problem of finding friends in my new college. I could not fit it and could not seem to make any real friends. But I kept up my positivity and used visualisation and now I have my beautiful girlfriend who is my best friend. I have amazing time at college and I have very close friends.

There is so much that I have manifested and I have to thank Rhonda Byrne for being such an angel in our lives. Keep up with faith, visualisation and positivity and then we will realize that life is meant to be fun. Love to everyone out there.

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