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My Dream Apartment.

Submitted by: Veronica


Mother, sister, daughter and a career woman. There's nothing holding me back thanks to LOA.


First of all, I want to send a huge thank you to Rhonda Byrne and all of The Secret team. I am so grateful that I found The Secret a couple of years ago and all the other books that came after. I am practicing LOA as much as I can. Some things are easier than others but I always have faith in the outcome.

Ever since I was a young girl there’s been this apartment building in Stockholm where I grew up at the best address and with a location to die for. My grandparents used to live there and when they passed my family moved in and my parents still live there. It has been a dream of mine to one day live in that building.

There was an elder gentleman living on the entire top floor in that building who passed away last summer and I saw my chance. I called the landlord and asked what they were going to do with the apartment and said I was super interested in taking over his lease. The landlord basically said that the family hadn’t decided if they wanted to keep it or not, so I thought that it was worth a try. Then I didn’t really think about it that much, to be honest.

Six months later the landlord called me up and said that I was among the few who had been chosen to come to look at the apartment to see if I still wanted it, and of course, I wanted it, more than ever now. I began my visualization process. I did vision boards of how to decorate and renovate the place. I put up a floorplan of the apartment next to my bed. I even had a signed lease of my future home so that I wouldn’t lose focus on what I wanted.

A month after my first viewing and several phone calls and emails to the landlord, they called me up and said that the apartment was mine! I cried tears of joy and was so grateful!

Then I ran into an obstacle, for me to get the apartment I needed to have my daughter’s father co-sign with me on the lease. However, he was not interested in doing that because of exposure tax-wise in another country and also we had just separated and I didn’t want his name on it to complicate issues further.

We worked very hard, my ex and I, for over a month to try and find a solution that could help me but the landlord did not budge. So I decided to have unwavering faith in the law of attraction and since I already asked, believed and received the apartment once, I could do it again. It was super scary, but I knew that it would work!!

I told the landlord about the situation last week, that there’s no possible way for him to co-sign the lease with me but we can give bank guarantees, prepay a year’s rent and have a guarantor for the rent to make them feel safe. Basically, we were being super easy and just wanted to find a solution for me to have my dream apartment. I left his office feeling relieved that I had put all the cards on the table and I felt so thankful that I had been given this amazing opportunity.

This was exactly one week ago and now I learned that they’ve accepted what we offered them and I know it had everything to do with my mindset and me knowing the power of the law of attraction!

I am still overwhelmed and I’m so incredibly grateful that I and my baby daughter will have this amazing new home to start over in, with my parents 3 floors below us. Every time my dad said that I should call the landlord and they probably went with someone else, I said to him that they’ve already chosen us and that’s what I’m believing in, so stop thinking that way and help me to believe it is already mine. And it worked!

Ask, believe and receive does work every time, you just have to believe that it is already yours. I love reading all of the stories here because it is so inspiring to know what we are capable of, because of knowing how to use The Secret.

Once again, the biggest thank you to everyone here and to Rhonda Byrne for giving us the knowledge about the LOA so that we all can live our lives to the very fullest. Lot’s of love and gratitude.

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