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Money And Opportunities!

Submitted by: Luna Aurora


Happy 21 year old.


Thank you for the money!

I have manifested a lot of things, people and circumstances in my life since I got to know about the law of attraction. Money was the only subject I seemed to fail at. I always had barely enough and I always felt shortage.

At the moment I’m unemployed and my bills started to pile up. For months now I’ve been worried about how to pay my bills, when I didn’t even have enough to buy food. Luckily my boyfriend and I have always been helping each other out financially even though we’re not currently living together. Several years back I wrote The Secret for 2.8 million. This has not manifested yet but in the past weeks I have got my faith back.

So what I did when my situation was at its worst and I had more unpaid bills than ever before, was to start to feel grateful for what I already had. All along I had been practicing gratitude in forward, writing thank you for all my bills to be paid, thank you for money to buy clothes, thank you for my lottery jackpot win, and so on. It worked but not as perfectly as I had hoped.

A week ago I suddenly decided that I’m going to write lists about the things I’m grateful for already having. While writing that list, I of course, realized how good my life is and how blessed I am! I have a home, clean water, electricity, all my furniture and most importantly, my family, my boyfriend and my cat.

This simple practice shifted it for me! The first sign was when my mom gave me 30 euros and offered to help me with my bills if I needed. I was grateful for the money but didn’t want to ask for more because she has helped me many times before. I kind of hoped some other solution would come.

Yesterday on our way to buy food, my boyfriend asked me how much money I had left. I realized I hadn’t checked my bank account in many days as I was desperately avoiding thinking about my money troubles. Regardless, I checked it and there it was!!! Over a 1100 euros from a totally unexpected source!! I was so thrilled and happy and just couldn’t believe it. It had been such a long time ago that I had felt so joyful! I was actually jumping up and down. With this money I paid all my bills and actually have some left.

Also, I am involved in a project that is going to generate some more money. This time maybe 2000 to 3000 euros. This opportunity also suddenly appeared from out of nowhere when I was asking for an easy, fun way to make money. Another great thing I am currently manifesting is a job at a hotel. I went to the interview and it is almost certain that I have got the job!!

I have been doing this LOA stuff for many, many, years now but somehow I forgot the most important thing, to be grateful for what you already have! I used to think it was not that important, but then I remembered something I read in The Magic; “What you are not grateful for, you are taking for granted”. To make money or anything at all grow I must be grateful for what I have. It’s so simple that it is almost unbelievable!

I hope I have inspired someone out there, to for a moment, sit and think about all the things you already have. To say thank you and truly already feel the abundance that has been given to you. I have shifted my thinking from seeing myself as poor to realizing how much I have and now The Magic has started to show, in opportunities and unexpected money!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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