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The Mindset Makes The Difference!

Submitted by: Helly


Med Student.


Dear everyone,

I’d like to start my story by thanking Rhonda and her team for seeing their dream through and publishing their wonderful, life-changing message.

About 9 months ago, I felt like someone had pulled the carpet from beneath my feet. I had moved out of the small village I had grown up in, into the perfect flat in the big city. I did this in order to attend one of the best Universities when it came to Medicine in Germany.

I had used The Secret to attract both the flat and my top marks for getting into the University before, as well as several other things, like me becoming our equivalent of prom queen for example. However, leaving home proved to be difficult for me, since it also coincided with my long-time high school relationship ending.

I had known the latter was coming, but it ended in an unpleasant, traumatizing way which I did not expect from the person I had loved for such a long time. I could not process the pain, and therefore threw myself into my studies, trying desperately to get a scholarship and I forced myself to go after another man. Even though I tried so hard to love myself, be grateful and be happy, none of those things worked out. All four of my applications for a scholarship got rejected, and the man appeared to be interested in me soon dropped me a little later. I had hit a dead end and was back to square one.

Then, I realized, that my efforts had come from a place of desperation.
Slowly, but surely I started shifting my focus back to me, to the pain I had been hiding, even from myself. I started to be grateful for the amazing friends I had started to make and used my free time to get back into competitive swimming, a long time dream of mine. I traveled a lot and managed to attract the perfect therapist for myself within a week by simply holding an unshakeable belief that it would work out perfectly. I just had this feeling when calling her office that this would work, this burning in my heart. Normally, I would have had to wait for 6 months, but here I was able to start the week after my first appointment. The work I am doing on myself is going so well and I am feeling so much better already!

I have also managed to reach my other goal from before, a scholarship so I could support myself on my own. One day, I heard my friends talk about this foundation that I had not tried applying to yet, and that there was a test one could enter for a minimal fee. Once again, I felt that burning in my heart. It was the Universe inspiring me, no doubt. I kept the belief in my heart, managed to ace the test, and got invited to a seminar, where finally the recipients of the scholarship would be selected. I had let go of my wish, and by that I mean I was just going about my day normally, focusing on other things, giving thanks whenever the thought about the seminar would pop up, visualizing every now and then, and adding the foundation’s symbol to my vision board. I also made sure that my feelings toward money were always positive.

At the seminar, I did my best to think good thoughts about everyone, enjoy myself and support everyone else. I didn’t do it because I was trying to manifest the scholarship, I did it because it felt right. Everyone there had achieved so much, and I to this day, believe that they all deserve a scholarship.

A week after this enjoyable weekend, I received a package in the mail containing my acceptance letters. Out of the 45 people that had gone to the seminar, only 4 were selected for the scholarship, and I was one of them! Me! I almost screamed with joy and sent my thanks to God.

So my wish came true when it came from a place of love, and the knowledge that I’d be alright with my friends, my family, and my studies, even if this did not work out.

I had already made a list for my perfect partner and desperately tried setting dates for that relationship to start for about 6 months after my last breakup. Now I realized that I just was not ready before. I was unable to trust a new man or feel safe with him. Now I have found the feeling of safety that I thought I needed from a relationship, in my friends, my family, my studies, my sports, my travels and myself.

I worked through the pain and the trauma, and let go of my resentment. I  realized that sometimes people get traumatized and that they do not need to be harsh on themselves when they cannot bring themselves to forgive. If it feels impossible to send love to someone, focus on the ones you can send love to. Like it is said in the teachings of  The Secret, when something produces negative emotions in you, turn your focus to the things that do the opposite. Sometimes paying that person no-mind is very hard at first, but once you work through the hurt, you will be able to do that, and go on to live a beautiful life, I promise you.

I know I don’t need a relationship to be happy, and that means that I am ready for a wonderful one, blessed by the Universe. I’ve thought of dates to set for it, but I trust God’s divine timing, because I know, like I know, like I know, that everything will work out perfectly like it did with the scholarship. I’ll make sure to post the story about how we found each other, too!

May all your dreams come true! Thank you!

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