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Materialized Solid Object

Submitted by: Randy Fricke -

La Crosse, Wisconsin

I'm a widowed father of three wonderful children, a musician, and have been utilizing "The Secret" for many years albeit unknowingly until a few years ago.


I love telling this story because it’s the event (one of many) that brought me out of atheism and got me back on track knowing that there is magic if you but only believe. This still gives me goosebumps! I had been searching my home for the brush attachment of my wet/dry vac. I usually kept it in a central location so I could find it easily when I needed it. My son Raleigh, 14 at the time had decided he was going to go on a cleaning binge and had the vac on all three levels of our house. I needed the brush and it was not in the usual spot so instead of going floor by floor, and room by room in search of it, I sat down in my chair in my studio and visualized the attachment for a couple of minutes. Now mind you, this thing could be anywhere in the house. Well, I got up out of my chair, and in a still somewhat meditative state, walked over to an area in another part of my basement where there sat a huge 2’x3’x2′ Rubbermaid storage container filled to overflowing with trash. You know. Paper, some drywall, boards, all kinds of junk. Anyway, I closed my eyes and visualized the wayward attachment one more time, and right where I put my hand into that 2’x3′ container, all the way to the bottom, I put my hand right on that brush attachment! It was as if I materialized it there myself. It’s still one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced and it’s affirmation that “The Secret” is working at all times whether we believe in it or not.

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