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Love All The Way!

Submitted by: Alina E.


I am in my late 30s, full of life, happy and discovering real, romantic love with my soulmate, who I love dearly. On a path to marriage with a great man that I knew from the start is the love of my life.


I knew about the LOA for many years and used it, knowingly or unknowingly, to manifest great things in my life. Yet when it came to love, it was difficult for me. I was having a hard time being optimistic and having faith in finding my soulmate. One day it struck me! I was letting the LOA work negatively for me!!! You see, guys, the LOA works all the time, either positively or negatively!!! So, I said to myself, why should I let the LOA work for me in a negative way, bringing me more loneliness, pain and depression? Why not focus on the positive??? I mean if the LOA is always at work, why not use it positively by manifesting my true desires? This is what I did:

Last December, I met a man professionally, that I thought was very cute, smart, intelligent and he had a great job. Even though I only met him for half an hour, I could not take my mind off him, thinking I was going crazy. The feeling I got when I first saw him was of calm, familiarity and warmth. Then, still on that day, when I got home from my meeting with him, I just had the feeling of, I think I just met my husband, which, again, I though was crazy. I was so wanting and hoping him to ask me out romantically but I guess I was not ready yet for that. On one hand I really wanted this man to ask me out, but on the other hand I was kind of scared and anxious about it.

Fast forward nine months later. We had met often, but just for work in these past 9 months. Then he made a move and finally had the courage to ask me out on a romantic date. I was on cloud nine and accepted his invite with calm and serenity, as I knew it would come. Even before the invitation, I could sense around me on an energetic level, the love relationship between him and me.

Now, we are taking things slow, discovering each other and spending more time together. I am so happy because we truly feel the harmony, love and understanding of our relationship together!! I am so blessed to have him in my life and he is everything I wrote about in my ‘Soulmate Wish List’!!! He feels the same way for me as I do for him.

Thank you Rhonda for The Secret and thank you Universe for granting me my wish! It was always within reach for me but my erroneous way of thinking was preventing me to achieve it! Now I know that I broke a mind pattern of loneliness and am going for the stars! Thank you God! I feel so blessed! Love to all of you!

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