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Lost Weight And Manifested My Dream Job.

Submitted by: Captain Sunshine


I am a 22 year old girl who started out as an obese child with a dream to be an airline pilot. I was an introvert and lacked confidence. I came across The Secret and it changed me and my entire life around completely.


As a kid I was overweight and I continued to be so as I grew up. I was an excellent student in school. I read The Secret after I heard a celebrity talk about it on a TV show. I had asked my parents for it for Christmas. I was so intrigued by the idea of it and started using The Secret to manifest small things.

During school I met a person who told me he was becoming a pilot. I always loved the idea of being a pilot. I started thinking about my life as a pilot and I always felt that I would not do a normal graduation course like other people. After school I spoke to my dad about my dream and told him that it costs too much money. But my dad was so supportive and said that he would get a loan for me. I ended up going to the best flying school in the country which also had a program that guaranteed a job, but I wasn’t told about that program and I joined the normal program.

I didn’t have friends, I was overweight and lacked confidence because I was unable to clear my tests and my flying wasn’t good. I went into a mountain of sorrow. I felt like I would never even get a license let alone a job in an airline. Somehow I worked very hard and believed that I would do it and that I would get a job. I started just keeping myself happy. And my flying improved, I made good friends and got my license after two and a half long years.

After getting my license I didn’t know what to do because there were no job openings and 3000 unemployed pilots in the country. I did not give up hope. I joined a gym as I was very unhealthy and started following a diet. I had faith and went to Delhi to take classes and clear exams for captaincy in an airline. This was a turning point. Because even though I didn’t have a job, I was studying to become a captain. I would be genuinely happy for my friends who got jobs and did well. After clearing all these exams, two vacancies came out. I cleared 3 rounds each of both but did not clear the final round. Every time I failed I cried but I believed a breakthrough was coming. Each time my mom or anyone would say it’s tough to get a job I would say it’s not. I knew it was coming. I did not give up for a second. Along all I believed that I would get into IndiGo. This company has the biggest shareholder of passengers carried in the country and I knew about their work ethic and I just wanted to be a part of it.

When the vacancy came out I literally danced. I was so happy like it was already mine. I was so happy that I didn’t study much. I went for a vacation with my family for Christmas and New Years. In January I had the exam and I scored the highest in all India without studying much or stressing about it. I got called for the flight test and I cleared that as well. Next was the personal interview. I was told that I seemed anxious but I told them that I was nervous because getting the job meant a lot to me. I was also told that I have good knowledge. I was still nervous. In the meantime I painted my room blue which is the colour of the airline and I got a miniature plane which I kept on my table to motivate me to study. I believed the job was mine. I also applied to another airline which I cleared the first round of. But I was so confident of getting this job that I didn’t go for the second round. I lost 12 kgs and gained a lot of confidence and made many friends in the year leading up to the interview.

Then I was out last week and I looked down on my cellphone to see that I had mail, that I got the job in the company of my dreams! I cannot explain how thankful I am to Rhonda and the entire team and everyone who had a hand in bringing The Secret to me.

The Secret has made my life a living dream. People, just be happy now and believe things will work out. Time is an illusion. It’ll pass and your life will become as you want it to be. I promise I will write as soon as I find my soulmate. I believe he will come into my life by 27th of this month. Thank you all. Love to the Universe and everyone who read my story.

Love and good vibes.

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