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The LOA Worked For Me Without Knowing!

Submitted by: Karla Radford


I am an endless dreamer. A girl who just wants to live life to the fullest, with no regrets or second thoughts.


Back in 2012 I got married and my husband and I decided to move to a new city. My hubby landed a great job and he felt super happy. I was not that lucky. I got a job at a crappy place where my boss was this horrible guy who would play tricks on his employees in order to get out of paying us our monthly salary. The guy was pretty much the worst kind of human you can imagine.

As time went by, my boss grew super powerful and his tricks towards his employees, including me, became worse. We were not getting paid and the guy lied to us the whole time. I wanted some justice. Not just for me but for all of us at that place. So I started to get the email addresses of relevant people here in Chile, of journalists and channel networks. I did this with the sole intention of putting this guy in the spotlight and to let people see what a deceiving man he was. My plan was to expose him and get justice. Make him pay. Every day I imagined in my head the scandal he would have to face and the money he would have to pay us and others.

Then, just when I was trying to get in touch with the right people to get my plan on the move, it happened!

The next morning I arrived to my workplace and found out that a massive email was out with evidence of this man being a great cunning, con artist, the way he treated his employees and the large amount of money he had been embezzling for many, many years.

I could not believe my eyes! It was like someone knew what I wanted to do and they actually did it for me! The exact plan! And I did not even know about The Secret at that time!

I’m telling you, if you think hard about it you will eventually create it! Just believe! Thank you!

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