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Keeping The Positive Momentum Going, Part 2.

Submitted by: Night Star

Birmingham, UK

I am someone who strives to be positive as much as I can. I try to spread the word of The Secret to as many wonderful people out there that need a little help in their life.


Hello beautiful people! I would like to share with you my second and also a follow up story to this wonderful site. Here is my first story that I wrote if you would like to get a flavour of my journey so far.

When I wrote my first story I was actually going through a very heartbreaking break up and at that time I remember trying all sorts of tactics to get me through that low period in my life. I was trying to remain positive just like my story said. Back then I wanted my ex back but didn’t think it would happen as the break up seemed so final. But actually in my heart of hearts I knew we would eventually get back together if we were meant to be.

Speaking honestly, it was a difficult time and it did take a while for me to get over the break up, 4 years in total. I want to tell you  in those 4 years I had to feel every emotion that was felt and go through all that pain to learn some very important lessons. The biggest lesson I learnt was actually finding myself and who I am and what I am about. I learnt to love myself and by the 3rd year I learnt to live life for myself and be so happy and content with all the basic things around me. Things like my friends, my family, my job, my home, food on my table and money in the bank. Gratitude just began to flow so easily for me. I enjoyed going on trips, holidays and enjoying nature. I was soaking it all up. It was like I was looking at the world with different eyes, so much brighter and sharper.

Fast forward to 2016 my ex got back in touch with me and wanted us to give it a go again and wanted to build a future with me. I was absolutely on cloud 9. It was something I had been dreaming about happening for such a long time and it just happened just like that. At first, I won’t lie, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I had just found myself and was loving living life, did I want to bring something from my past into my current future at that point? I was all about moving forward and working on my present and future. We talked and met a few times and eventually the bond we had was very much still alive and I couldn’t walk away from it, not over 10 years’ worth of friendship. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

My dreams had been answered, my ex came back to me. So here I am in 2019, nearly 2 years into our new relationship and we are planning to get engaged this year, married next year, followed by a baby. I just want to summarise by saying our timing was never right the first time around. We both had a lot of personal growth we had to go through. This time everything fell into place perfectly. Everything happens in the right time for the right reason, all because our outlook on life had changed for the better.

Sometimes if you find yourself struggling because your wish may have not have materialised, do not lose faith. Understand there must be a reason why it’s not arrived yet, you may need to stop and look at your vibration and what feelings you are omitting.  Have faith and believe that whatever you desire is yours if you truly believe it to be!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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