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Just Thoughts Can Change Everything!

Submitted by: Ruchira Desai


The Universe has my back.


I am so grateful to the Universe and Rhonda Byrne, they changed my life. Thank you so much.

For 2 years I wanted to go to the dentist as one of my tooth fillings came out. My tooth started to hurt a little so I went to the dentist. He did a checkup and told me to put a crown on the tooth. I got worried as I already had 6 crowns but I told myself the Universe has my back and there was no need to worry.

The next week I went to another dentist just to get sure and she told me the same thing. She also told me that we need to work on it immediately and fixed the appointment for 2 days later. During those 2 days, I kept affirming and gave thanks to my teeth. Also, I  imagined that the dentist would say there was no need for any crown and my tooth is fine.

I went to the dentist and as I was sitting in the reception area, I was affirming to myself. Then on the t-shirt of the receptionist, I saw a rainbow with the word ‘Positivity’. I was so happy that the Universe gave me that sign.

I went in for treatment and the dentist did half of the treatment when she told me the cavities were deep and I would definitely need a crown. I asked the Universe for a sign and within a second I saw on top of the machine was the word ‘Confident’. I was so shocked that I stayed confident and ignored the pain during the treatment.

After some time, the dentist said it was done and that I did not need a crown after all, we just cleaned and filled the tooth. I was so happy about how the Universe was working for me!

Yes, everything is possible! Just stay positive no matter what the situation is. It is still going to happen for sure.

Thank you, Universe!

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