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It’s A Beautiful Life!

Submitted by: Salina


A true believer.


My boyfriend and I were always fighting, splitting up  and getting back together. I was leaving to go back home for the holidays and we had decided that if we were still fighting and nothing improved by then, that it would be best to end the relationship. Due to a lot of negative thinking and endless blaming and ego clashes, it happened again. At that point I thought enough was enough and that I had to end it. I loved him a lot, but I felt like my life was going nowhere for the past 3 years of being with him.
We broke up early December and I left Mid December. Not a word was spoken or texted between us. I told one of our mutual friends how I felt so lost and he just told me to enjoy my trip and not to ruin it with negative thoughts.

Back home I concentrated on having a good time with my family and trying to enjoy my life without regrets. I had used The Secret in other aspects of my life with great success. So I kept thinking positive about my relationship with my boyfriend and how much love I had for him. I made a list of all the things I was grateful for and how I wanted our relationship to be.

One day, I woke up feeling very positive, only to find out that he had blocked me from all social media. For a second I was devastated, but then I thought that he was thinking about me too, which is why he reacted that way.

As my vacation drew to a close I started to have anxiety about going back and spending my life without him. It was hard to concentrate on the positives but I did it anyway. I saw our mutual friends hanging out with him over social media but they never mentioned him saying anything about me. I had thought of 3 things that would happen and wrote them down:

1- He would unblock me.

2- Our mutual friend would ask about my flight details.

3- My boyfriend would show up at the airport with flowers.

Two days prior to my flight, he unblocked me! The night of my flight the same friend asked about my flight details claiming he wanted to make sure I reached my destination safe. Suddenly I was filled with more hope and more love and I knew that The Secret was working. I kept picturing my boyfriend at the airport and what I would be wearing, and I wore the same outfit.

My flight landed and as I got out and went to the receiving area, my heart sank. I did not see him. I don’t know why I did this but I turned around, and there he was! With a single rose in his hand! We hadn’t talked or communicated in any way for almost a month but there he was! I ran to him and hugged him and he hugged me back.

Ever since then our relationship has been truly magical! We no longer fight over anything and everything and even if we get into an argument, we put our egos aside and focus on our love and respect.

If you want something to happen, truly believe in it with all your heart and be grateful, and it will be yours.

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