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It All Works Out.

Submitted by: GalwayGirl


I was a former student who had low self-esteem, depression and a crippling fear of what the future held for me. Now I am a recent College Graduate receiving all that I ask the Universe for and showing gratitude every step of the way.


I am a recent college graduate who had a crippling fear of the future. In my second year at college I became majorly depressed to the point where I didn’t want to exist anymore. I spent countless nights miserable, thinking I was a unloved, unwanted, useless, a horrible person with no future prospects who would end up alone.

Ask and you shall receive. After a very rough year of losses, no part-time employment, bad choices and misery, I was at my lowest point. In passing, a friend mentioned The Secret and how it had changed her life. A few days later whilst shopping, I had this strong desire to buy it and went straight into a bookshop and found it in a matter of seconds. The Secret taught me the error in my ways of such a negative thought process and lack of gratitude for all I had. It changed my mindset completely. I fell asleep counting my blessings every night. This rangeg from gratitude for all the love I have to gratitude for my two feet taking me from A to B! The Universe responded by making me the happiest I’ve ever been. I lost contact with those who were holding me back. I surrounded myself with the most amazing group of friends. I’ve lost weight. I’ve graduated with a high honors degree. I have spent an amazing Summer working in Italy. I have been accepted into a Master’s program in which I will excel in.

I have learnt to love myself and show gratitude for my intelligence, my kindness, my sense of humor, my beauty, my humbleness, the love I have for others and the love in which I receive. In return I have received more love and happiness than I ever imagined. I am the best possible version of myself and will continue to better myself.

I am so grateful to Rhonda and The Secret community for helping me set up a life that will be extraordinary. It has even taught me to be grateful for the depression and tough times I had been through as without it I would not have found The Secret and become the person I am today! I am continuing to travel the world, fall in love, excel at college, be fiercely loved by others and be the best version of my wonderful self. I used to go to bed in fits of tears, hating myself, the actions I took and having a crippling fear of the future. Now, I go to sleep every night with a smile on my face listing all the wonderful things I have to be grateful for. I have an amazing life and I thank The Secret for making it all the more better.

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