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I am a Mum of two cute kids, mostly single mum. My life was always different, because I was different. If you want to change your world, you have to change your inner thoughts.


Twelve years ago I got some unusual symptoms that my doctor could not figure out so I got checked out by a specialist and they found out that I had 7 to 9 inflammation spots in my brain. My world broke down. I had to visit hospital to confirm those results but for them it was clear that I had Multiple Sclerosis. They came one morning to inform me about it but my heart could not get it. At night I was sitting awake on my bed and a voice in my head told me again and again, it is not what they said, incurable!

They gave me cortisone therapy but I was fighting against it. I felt it was not the right way to handle my sickness. But the school of medicine does not know a different way. So I left the hospital with one thought, I will find another way to come out of this situation. So I met several other people who are using different therapies to handle this sickness. I found out that I have to fast to get all the ‘poison’ out of my body which was the cause of the inflammations. So I tried many kind of fasts to find the best one for me.  After that I cleaned up my life and I also and changed my food.

Now, 12 years later, I would like to tell you that the sickness was not what they said, because I found a way to be healthy. For 12 years I have had any further symptoms. Instead I have a normal life with a good job and relationships and I have two kids.

Thank you!

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