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When The Impossible Became Possible.

Submitted by: Bhagi Atma

Bangalore, India

I developed osteoarthritis in my the knees, my demands grew and coping was a challenge. An orthopaedic surgeon said knee replacement was the only remedy. The teachings of The Secret made the impossible, possible in my life!


I had led a very busy and satisfying professional life as a journalist. Constant travel within and outside the country caused me much stress. In a matter of a few years I developed osteoarthritis in my knees. With our nest empty and my spouse’s illness the demands grew and coping was becoming a challenge. My knees were deteriorated and I was put on traditional Indian medicines.
In 2015 an orthopaedic surgeon said knee replacement was the only remedy but for me it meant great confusion. The how, where, who and when of it all were all enigmatic!

For a year my kids were thinking about making this happen for me. I was still in great confusion but then I started using the approach of The Secret. I started giving gratitude to the magnificent Universe for taking me thus far. I also surrendered to the Universe’s respective vision and guidance in my quest for healing.

Then in 2016 my cousin called one day to ask about my bad knees. When I shared the advice I had received and the dilemma and confusion I was having getting things sorted, he immediately said that I simply must get the surgery done. Next he gave me the name and telephone number of a highly reputed surgeon and recommended I go only to him since he had a very good track record. Lastly he said just go now and see him, do not wait for your children to come and take you!

That was the beginning. I was galvanized into action and I felt clarity. I called the surgeon’s office and met him within a week. He too pronounced that I needed to get knee replacement surgery. His colleagues showed me a video which clarified how quality of life would change for me afterwards. The relief was breathtaking!

Now I knew the who, the where, the when and the how. In a month the answers fell into place. My daughter arrived and we met the doctors and tied up the location and the time factor, the insurance and all the other details needed. My son supported this and promised to come with his family in the summer of 2017 to coincide with the surgery dates to help me. Like a miracle, various pieces fell into place. And then on June 15, 2017 I checked into hospital. My loving kids and precious grandchildren were on hand to look after me and the rest is history.

From using a walker to move in great pain, I now walk freely minus any canes and I can climb 2 floors to see my doctors. My recent visits have brought appreciation from the doctors. My constant movement has helped strengthen my legs and I am independent in every single way, just as I wanted to be. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The teachings of The Secret made the impossible, possible in my life! I still give gratitude for all the blessings I have received in my life. Believe and receive!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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