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I Lost 12 Kilos

Submitted by: M.M

Athens, Greece

A girl that learnt to slowly tame her fears and dream on.


I’ve read The Secret one year ago, however I didn’t really pay attention to its teachings. During 2011 and 2012 my life sucked. I was studying something I didn’t love while being pressured by my parents and family to keep studying it, I gained lots of weight and I had no idea what I wanted to do in my life. I felt lost, depressed and alone.

However lately and with the help of The Secret’s teachings and the teachings of Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind, I understood something important about life. Something I want to share with everyone else. So if you feel lost, insecure and helpless, if you feel like everyone else lives a fab life and you don’t, if you are afraid to live that life yourself, keep reading.

My main problem was that I had no idea what to do with my life, I didn’t have a particular talent and the prospect of finding a job that would please me seemed impossible to me. However while I started learning more about myself, I discovered that I love fashion and everything about it and that I wanted to work in the fashion industry. Such a relief hah? Well no! Cause even though I found what I love to do, I was afraid to do it, so I kept studying the subject my parents wanted me to (a subject I hated) and only kept day-dreaming about a fashion job.

Well let me tell you something here. Day-dreaming and wishing isn’t enough. You need to act, to believe in yourself and to keep believing even when things get hard.
We all want to have a nice body, a great job we love and to get paid lots of money. Wanting isn’t enough though, you need to believe that you deserve all those things.

And why not? Why don’t YOU deserve them? Why is it so impossible for me, you, us to do what we want when a million others can??? It’s not! Of course understanding this was hard for me, as it was hard to talk with my parents and let them know that I hated my college course, as was hard to start my fashion career plan and losing weight.

But I managed to do all those things.

How? I was an emotional eater, eating only because I felt lost and insecure. The moment though I found out who I truly was and what I wanted, I told myself ‘no more candy and junk food for you, keep it healthy’, and guess what? I didn’t want any candy or junk food cause I didn’t need them anymore. I didn’t need to satisfy my emotional devastation anymore, so I lost 12 kilos in 3 MONTHS! and I keep losing them!

Plus I found the courage to talk to my parents and make them understand that they were pressuring me, which they understood, since for the first time they saw how depressed I was all those months.

So two problems down. More to go. Why? Because even though I began creating my own fashion portfolio and even found out that I have an acting talent and love for acting, I kept whining and I was afraid to act, to do something, to go and call companies and magazines and land myself a commercial, a role, an internship at a fashion magazine. Why was I afraid? Because I thought: why would anyone hire you for a commercial, movie or in a designer’s house magazine? You will fail, no one will ever hire you, there are people out there better than you and when you fail, your parents will judge you they will tell you that you will never make it. Stop day-dreaming and understand that life is hard and you need to work hard.

But you know what?? We can make it, I can make it. Harv Eker taught me something: the fear of failing should never stop us, the fear of being judged should never stop us either and every time the fear keeps rising, we should tame it down, control it and let ourselves believe that we deserve the best. So many people managed to live fab lives, so can we.

The Secret, Harv Eker, million other LOA books out there say the same thing over and over again: believe in yourself, tame your fears and look around…people are making it and you are as good as them.

Now I am at the stage of calling companies and I’ll write here again, oh I will, and next time I will be writing about my fashion internship and my first commercial ever. So the only thing I wanna say is: read the stories of people who made their dreams come true, read them closely and see that people DO make their dreams come true.

So many people make their dreams come true and you are as good as they are. Believe in yourself and tame your fears. Every time you are afraid to call the company you want to work with, do it in spite of the fear, do it because if you don’t do it now, when will you? What will change tomorrow, in two months, next year? Nothing. You will still let your fears take advantage of you. You will still wait for that fab opportunity when so many around you will be living la viva loca!

Act now and not tomorrow.

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