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  • Submitted by: Stella A.
  • Date Posted: Feb 12, 2008
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I Cured My Depression And Addiction

Stella A.

Winnipeg, MB

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I Cured My Depression And Addiction

I saw The Secret on January 14, 07, and I consider that day as my second birthday. Seeing The Secret was a proof for me that I was right believing whole my life that the law of attraction exists. Each time when I spoke to somebody about my mysterious successes in life, people would tell me that it was just a coincidence, and consequently, as I wanted to be “normal” like other people, I forgot about the law of attraction in the last ten years of my life. My personal doubts about the law of attraction led me in deep depression and other problems as I gave my power away.

I decided to apply The Secret in my life on Jan 15. I wanted to cure both my disabling depression and my smoking addiction overnight. I knew it is going to be easy to do, as our body is able to produce all substances we need to cure ourselves and to prevent the cravings in case of addictions.

I woke up cured from the seven years of disabling depression, and I quit smoking on Jan 16. I am a MD who was not able to work for 7 yrs – meds and ECT could not help me. I was a smoker for 25 years, pack a day. I did not try quitting smoking in the last 10 years, as I believed I could not do it.

In cases like depression and addictions one night is more then enough for our body to produce (on our command) all necessary substances that we can feel well the next day. My psychiatrist was very impressed with my health condition when he saw me on Jan 24, and I told him about The Secret.

I feel great, as my body is constantly producing substances which make me feel well. In no one moment did I have a craving for a cigarette and it was amazing. I achieved everything so effortlessly. My family members are saying: Congratulation! Congratulations!, but it does not resonate well with me as I did not put any effort or work into it to get Congratulations.

I am changing my profession as I am going to became a life coach – the teacher of The Secret. I want to teach the other people that each of us can change our whole life in very short period of time if we choose to believe so.

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