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I Attracted A Pagoda!

Submitted by: Thankful to this universe

Thankful to this Universe for everything.


I believe in the power of mind and thoughts. I watched the documentary “The Secret” a few years back and it has stuck with me throughout the years. I believe you attract what you believe in, and that includes good and bad both. A few years ago when I stayed in Kuwait, a good friend of mine introduced me to a video on YouTube called ‘The Mantra of Avalokiteshvara’, which as per the YouTube post, was a God of healing and compassion. Now I’m not a Buddhist, I don’t know much about the religion but this belief somehow felt rather appealing to me. I think it was partly because the mantra was soothing and I used to play it to calm myself down or to relax. Over the years it became sort of my secret escape from stressful situations and I believe it helped me become a more compassionate and tolerant human being.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to travel to Vietnam as my husband was traveling and I wanted to spend time with him. I had just joined a new job 2 weeks back and this vacation seemed impossible. I still went ahead and asked my boss, and she said yes! I booked the tickets and arranged a visa in the next couple of hours and the trip was amazing!! But I never imagined that I had in fact, attracted this trip to my life over the years. Because over the years, I always would think, wouldn’t it be cool to visit a Buddhist temple of Avalokiteshvara? I imagined it would be in Tibet! And guess what?!

Hanoi had one of the pagodas of God Avalokiteshvara which is known as The One Pillar Pagoda. It’s a tiny temple which cannot accommodate more than 2 people to pray at once, but I felt extremely at peace here! I had a weird déjàvu feeling here and it made my belief in the power of attraction stronger than ever before!

So push away negative thoughts from your life because your thoughts become actions! May the joy be with you! Have an unbelievably happy and inspiring day, all of you. Thanks for reading till the end. I’m really grateful to be connected with all you kind and happy souls out there.

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